Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged -- again!

I never was any good at playing tag... I always seemed to be it. I thought I was doing so good to put up my last tag... Whew! it took a few days but I did it. Just after I posted, I found out I was tagged again. Determined not to get behind in my tagging... Here we go... Thanks Heather for the TAG

4 Random things I love about hubby:

His perfect nose
His music ability
His sense of humor
That he calls his kids, even boys, sweetheart

4 Jobs I've had:

Fast Food cold prep
Cutco Knife Salesperson
BYU Bookstore Checker
DayCare supervisor

4 Movies I have seen more than once:

Princess Bride
Sons of Provo
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Ever After

4 TV Shows I watch:

The Office
American Idol
House Hunters (really anything HGTV)
Iron Chef (anything Food network)

4 Places I've Been:

South Dakota

4 places I've lived:


4 Favorite Foods:

Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuts
Olive Garden Hazelnut Cream Italian Soda’s (I know that’s not food, but so
Anything from Dave’s Barbecue
Chocolate (of course)

4 Places I'd Like to Visit:

Hawaii – no never been
Washington DC

4 People I tag:
Tami A
Sharla V
Katie H
Laurie H


Shauna said...

What a great tag! Thanks for sharing :)

Erin said...

I've never seen Sons of Provo. Do I need to rent it?

I was married in the Hawaii temple. I miss it! I hope you get there one day soon!