Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Proper Way to Eat a Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Everybody has their own way of eating one of America’s favorite staples, Peanut Butter Sandwich. There are very few children these days that have never had one. Thankfully, we have no peanut allergies here and I can stalk up on the peanutty treat.

My husband has the odd idea that to enjoy a peanut butter sandwich, you have to first mix the CHUNKY peanut butter with the jelly. Yuck. You might as well smear toothpaste all over the bread – I won’t touch it.

My 9 year old makes his sandwiches with barely even a shmear of peanut butter – mostly bread and honey for him. Still not my thing.

Me, well the peanut butter sandwich is not just a food, it is a form of art. Creamy. Definitely. Smearing back and forth nice and thick, creating smooth waves in the golden goodness. Then I add just a touch of honey and of course, a glass of cold milk. Mmmm, I am hungry just thinking about it. Never mind that we haven’t used white bread in years, just as good on wheat.

But, with all our different preferences, none can outdo our princess. She knows the way to eat a Peanut Butter and Honey sandwich (of course I make it for her, just as I would make if for me). In B’s eyes, this is the proper way to eat this dish.

1. First, pull apart each “square” of sandwich, placing them Peanut Butter side up on your plate.
2. With your index finger, draw a design on each open square.
3. Once you are finished with your art, take each square and place it, peanut butter side towards you, on your nose. Testing its stickiness.
4. After each square has been properly tested, reassemble the squares and take a
5. Repeat 1 through 4 until you are finished eating.
Surprisingly enough, she does this with minimal mess. Two fingers, a smudge on the nose and just a little around her mouth. Any of my boys – well let’s just say I think there is still PB&J on the walls from their lunch’s years ago.

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot… It is not called a Peanut Butter Sandwich. In two-year-old-jargon… it is referred to as “Sticky Finger” sandwich. Hmmm, makes sense I guess.

6 comments: said...

I love it. Gracie still takes hers apart and eats it by biting the middle part of it and it does get all over her face. She is getting less messy.
I'm so grateul for peanut butter. I love using chunky Peanut Butter for cookies with some added chocolate chips. HEAVEN! said...

p.s. I couldn't get some of your links to blog carnival to work. How do I get one of those buttons too?

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Yummy I am hungry now! ♥ Hugs!

Erin said...

My kids also want a glob of peanut butter on the side of their plate, just to eat with their fingers. It's fun! (P.S. I loved your description)

Erin said...

OK, you left out the best part, you have to butter the toasted bread before you add the peanut butter...I know, sounds gross, give it a try. My favorite way for sure!

Brian and Shawntel Ashcroft Family said...

I love it... here is something to try a littl Dutch touch.. Take your peanut butter sandwich openface of course and add chocolate sprinkles (yes the kind you put on your cake!) It really is quite good. They sell them by the box here. Tell me if you dare to try! I am off to make one for lunch!