Saturday, November 15, 2008

National Adoption Day

Today two of my dear friends and their hubbies were able to finalize their babies adoptions. I just wanted to give a congratulatory shout out to them! I am SO happy for you guys!

Collin & Jenny -- I couldn't be happier for you today! You waited SO long. This is one of my favorite days ever.

Fawn & Devon -- J is such a sweet addition to your little family. 4 boys! Sounds like someone else I know. Your family is beautiful.

Love you guys and Congrats!!!

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Fawn said...

haha! Thank you so much Kathy!! You are so very kind! And I absolutely LOVE your gift to me!!!! It is very beautiful and so thoughtful and I am so excited to show everyone!!! I am actually wearing it today too!! Also, thank you guys so much for joining us at our special evening. We appreciate your love & support. We love you too!!