Friday, November 14, 2008

My Own High School Musical

I was 16 when I met my hubby. It started innocently enough – buddies just talking. Inside jokes. It seemed there was nothing we couldn’t talk about and would go on for hours if permitted. Then came our family vacation followed by a week at girls camp. I was lost. I missed my “friend” so much I couldn’t see straight. Every thought revolved around this one person. This being who made my heart beat a little faster.

That’s when we called out the heavy artillery. A common friend. We played the game of “does he like me” - “what did she say” for a while until one day we admitted to each other we “like, liked” each other. Oh yeah, it was pretty serious.

That was 20 – count them – TWENTY years ago. And though memories of what teacher we had or what arguments we fought have faded, those tender memories of gazing at each other as the world stops, never fade. We were sure it was us against the world. We were different than every couple out there because our love knew no bounds. It was solid, secure and real. At least as much as it could be in an adolescent world.

To any who knew us in high school – I am so sorry. We were beyond sappy. Downright gag-inducing. Holding hands in class when the lights went out for a movie, passing notes several times a day in the hall, giving each other “looks” during seminary activities… yeah, we were pretty disgusting. Now that I am a mom – I understand everything our leaders are saying about no serious dating before missions. I get that. I hope that none of my kids find their soul mate in high school.

One thing for sure is that we decided we were never, ever, once we were married, fall into the rut of dinner and a movie every week for our dates. And yet, every week, that seems to be all we want to do. Not for lack of ideas or fear of conversation. But because it seems to be the only time the world slows down enough for us to just be. Just sit. Just relax. Now that I am 20 years wiser, I am totally OK with that.

So it was on our weekly date that we found ourselves at the movie theater at an awkward time. Trying to find something wholesome, playing at the time we were at the theater left us with one choice, “High School Musical: Senior Year”. Never mind that Hubby had taken the two older boys to see this movie already (yes, my boys went to see this chick flick) Never mind that I had seen the previous TWO High School Musicals and was totally fine waiting for the DVD. Never mind that we were the only ones there without a child under 10 with us.

In spite of the corny lines and cheesy actions, I found myself liking the music. And the movie. Mostly, I found it quite comedic due to some of the dances (let me just say “Junk Yard Scene”) I was laughing, leaning over to make “critiquing” comments every so often. Hubby would chuckle too. Still there was that familiar feeling to the movie. Us against the world. The sun rises and sets with you. Nothing can keep us apart. We were very much like Troy and Gabriella – minus the sexy rhythmic dancing. We even wrote and sang songs to proclaim our devotion to each other. Yup. Sappy.

So, imagine now, you are me. You turn to make another sarcastic comment to hubby and see TEARS rolling down his cheeks. I was filled with a sentimental mixture of amusement and love. And, in between my laughter, I too remembered how hard it was to part company. Leaving for college. Leaving on a mission. I remember the ups and downs of young love. The sweetness of togetherness. Wishing it would last one more day. Wishing you could look in each other’s eyes forever. And, even though corny reigned supreme in this movie, my tears came as well (thankfully, I don’t think hubby noticed – he was too busy drying his own eyes). I thanked the Good Lord for this sweet man who I call my own. For someone to be friends with. Someone to love.

Truth of the matter is, we are still sappy. Yuck. And those feelings we felt 20 years ago have only improved. Magnified.

But if you think for a second that I am not going to tease hubby for crying during HSM 3 – you are totally wrong. Just don’t tell him my secret.


CB and Jenn Allen said...

I loooove the pictures of you and Tim from HS and your wedding. So fun to see.

Erin said...

I haven't seen any of the HSM movies. But if it made your husband cry, I'm totally going to watch them.

Wasn't waiting for two years while they were on their mission absolute torture? Every minute crawled by like a snail.

That was a sweet reminiscence! (I think that's a word.)

Heatherly said...

I love love love this post!

Our Crazy Family said...

Those pictures are so AWESOME! I love your story. Todd's parents have a story quite like yours--and it's amazing! Todd and I went with the kids to HSM 3 last weekend--but no tears. I guess he's just not as sensitive--I will talk to him about that! J/K

Tim Penrod said...

I am not sure this post was reviewed for complete accuracy before posting. :) Tough, strong guys don't get teary-eyed at these kinds of movies, especially HSM. Maybe your husband just had allergies! :)

Erin said...

I cried as well, that is actually what spurred my "Do you remember..." post. Silly? Maybe, but I am a hopeless romantic and "occasionally" get sentimental. Way to keep it real Kathy! I love it.

Natalie said...

I absolutely love the pictures on this post. Great love story too!

Sharla said...

What a wonderful fairy tale come true! I must have missed the gushy affection between you two in high school. Maybe it was after I graduated. I'm so happy for you two! Sweet story! said...

AWWWW, This is really sweet. That family vacation is seared into my memory forEVER!!! :) You were miserable. HA HA!
I want to see HSM3. I will think of you two now...not the sweet part but that you actually CRIED!!!!And I will start laughing out loud.....(and then I'll probably start crying too.)
Oh fun times, teasing you and Tim in high school!
I'm glad you married Tim and I'm soooo glad it didn't work out with MY high school sweetheart. You did good.