Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat

This is our first Halloween with a full-fledged teenager. 13. So, this is the first year we have had the "why-can't-I-go-trick-or-treating-with-my-friends" discussion.

This isn't a discussion that a parent can win. I mean, really, what do you do when the gang is going Trick or Treating and you are trying to tell your son he is too old. We didn't let him go. And even though we gave him more candy than he could ever gather himself, he was pretty bummed.

In my opinion, once their voice changes and they are shaving, they shouldn't be out begging for candy. The problem is, that is when it gets fun. That is when you are old enough to not have to be weighed down by your old, embarrassing parents. That is when you can get your fill on all the tasty sugars you are never allowed to have -- and actually eat them before you get home -- thus limiting what you have to share with your siblings.

But I have a thorn in my side with teenagers who ring the doorbell then just thrust a BACKPACK (already overflowing with goods) in your face. Rarely a thank you. Half the time they aren't even in costume... just out for candy. Seriously, R answered the door for one such group. I heard what sounded like a man "Hey, trick or treat, dude." "How about some more, dude."

Isn't there an age limit here? I think it is so much cuter to see all the little kids, so expectantly traveling from door to door. Halloween is for the little ones. Not the puberty ridden folks.

Of course there are the sweet teenagers, which my son definitely falls in with, to whom I don't mind dishing out the candy. But somewhere along the line, we have to say, "you are too old to go trick or treating."

How old is too old for this Halloween Tradition? What do you think? Should trick or treating be limited to the younger crowd?


Our Crazy Family said...

Emie went this year--we just let her decide. But I did make her get a costume on--not just the goth--or the skater costume, but a real one. I think she just had more fun walking around with her friends than anything else. She didn't even hit that many houses. Next year she will be old enough we can drop her off at the theater, or something fun, but 13 is just an awkward age--in between I think. Too old for some things, too young for others.

Erin said...

My mom told me that age 12 would be our last year to go trick or treating. She had a friend's dad take us, and he took us everywhere in town. Our bags were full. And by the end we were BEGGING to go home, we were so tired. The next year I didn't mind staying home because I remembered feeling so tired from the year before!

Shauna said...

We have all teenage boys here at my house. None of them went this year. They went out to scare people at a Haunted House by us instead. It was great because my hubby and I got to spend some time together alone :)

Heatherly said...

I agree with you! Way to stick to your guns! said...

Kathy....I'm sorry but I have to disaggre. I don't think I stopped trick or treating until after college....seriously... When I was at EAC, a bunch of my friends and I stuffed ourselves in about 2 or 3refrigerator boxes and walked down the street trick or treating. Some of my friends were R.M.s so you know over 21. Adults and teenagers like candy too. I think what disqualifies you is if you don't dress up. If you are going to make the effort to dress up you deserve some candy.