Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun Children's Books

I love books. I could spend forever in a bookstore. I am a succor for almost any book with a story, especially classics. That doesn't mean I read them all, I just love how they smell, how they look. I love having a book to read. Unfortunately, my reading time is cut down to short intervals these days -- but the trade off of having my sweet little ones is OK by me. I just transfer my love of books to their genre...

I came across this delightful book at the zoo of all places. B and T loved it. I loved the vocabulary! It didn't dumb anything down for the kids, but still made it such a fun book for them to read. The illustrations were perfect. B loves to point out everything on the pages, the book has come alive for her.

Because we all loved this book so much, I went to the library to check out more from this author, Karma Wilson. There were a lot of books and each one was fun to read. Some more than others.
But then I came across her "Bear" books. There are six in the series and I checked out a few. They are so cute! The story itself is cute, she uses a lot of alliteration and great language like:

"An itty-bitty mouse, pitter-pat, tip-toe, creep-crawls in the cave from the fluff-cold snow."
The books are so fun to read and this particular illustrator she teamed up with is fantastic. The pages are bright and detailed, playing off the text.
B is 2 and LOVES these books. T, six, who is learning how to read was so excited to see that there were many words he knew. He had to take the book when I was done and read it... he read himself to sleep. I loved hearing him read a REAL book! I am definitely adding these to my library, they are so great for kids.

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