Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fevers, Puppy Love and Tinkerbell

Tomorrow is our ward Halloween party. T, who is SO excited to go, just came down with a fever tonight. Poor guy, getting sick for Halloween. Hopefully he will be well by Friday, otherwise the Halloween world will be short one jedi/sythe/cape-guy-with lightsaber.

One of my boys has his first real crush. I think it is so cute. My other boys have had girls that get them to smile, but it is different for this son. Up until this adorable girl moved in a couple months ago, he had NO interest what so ever in girls. Ewww. Gross. But suddenly, he can’t go a day without saying her name. And when he says her name he slows down his speech, his eyes light up, and he tries to hide his smile. It is the cutest thing I have seen.

B has a thing for Tinkerbell. She loves dressing in her Tinkerbell costume and gets so excited if she ever sees her. So today we rented the new Tinkerbell Movie, thinking she would be in heaven with a WHOLE movie of Tinkerbell. When her brothers got home, they retrieved the movie from our mailbox (Netflix) and started it for her. (just to be clear, S was still at school) She seemed intrigued – for about 37 seconds. Then she was off. She had other things to do. Swing. Slide. You know, the really important stuff. And that is fine, I would much rather her play outside than watch a movie. But the real kicker to this story is that I couldn’t pry her brothers AWAY from the Tinkerbell movie. In fact, B tried turning off the TV so they couldn’t watch it and they ALL freaked out. So, while my little girl played outside, her brothers sat inside, glued to a movie about fairies.

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Shauna said...

I love Tinkerbell! I have all boys so I don't get to decorate the bathroom in all Tinkerbell. Well, actually maybe that would be a perfect way to keep them all out of my bathroom :)