Thursday, September 11, 2008

God Bless America!

I think there have been many of us that have felt the somberness of today's significance in our Country's history. I know that 9/11 burned a loyalty to America and FREEDOM deeper than I ever thought possible. Today we all remember those who died innocently. I am reminded of the people that Alma and Amulek preached to in the Book of Mormon. This story is found here. Alma was a prophet who was preaching with Amulek, a great man, but also a "local" in the city being preached to. Amulek knew these people he was teaching. There were some who didn't like what these men were teaching and decided to "punish" them by casting out and killing all their believers. So, expelled the believing men from the city and created a large pit of fire for the women and children. Then, they made Alma and Amulek (remember he KNEW these people, maybe even his wife and kids) watch them die. All because of someone's belief. Because someone didn't like what another person believed. They were willing to kill these people.

Even though details are different, I can't help seeing the painful comparison. Here we are in America, because we believe in FREEDOM. And someone over in another part of the world doesn’t like it. So, they make us watch as those we know and love, die for their beliefs.

How many times can mankind do this to each other? Throughout history, there have been horrific reminders that the “natural man is an enemy to God.” From Cain to Hitler to bin Laden, Satan will use whoever will do his bidding.

Thankfully, there came good from this day. I remember for the next couple weeks, feeling like every stranger I met was a friend. We shared something in common. I remember the feeling of patriotism that filled just about everyone. People you didn’t know were saying “God Bless,” flags were flown, blood banks were overfilled. In spite of the tragedy, we got to see what America really is; a bunch of great people in this thing together. Thank you to all the unsung heroes.

I know I just posted about a song, but I really love this Alan Jackson one… it sums up my feelings exactly.
God Bless America!

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I love this. I remember that horrible day but I remember the unity I felt with all Americans at that time. It's just too bad that we can't feel that unity all the time without having to go through something so awful!