Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 things that REALLY bug me!

For the most part, I am a pretty easy going gal. Not too many things ruffle my feathers. At least that is what I would like to believe. If you ask my family, they might give you a different story, but since they are not here, and this is MY blog, I will tell you I am pretty good to go with the flow. However, there are a few things that get me riled up EVERY TIME, again and again. Because I thought it was important for the virtual world to know these things, I am sharing them with you.

10. Sales people acting like they are your buddy and they really want to know how you are doing. “How is the weather there?” “I know someone with your same name.” And my personal favorite… “I know you are the kind of person who likes to…” C’mon. All they really want is to sell you something and increase their commission.

9. Individuals who ridicule or belittle the way you feel or believe about something. It’s not like we are all marching out of a clone machine. We do have differences. I won’t ridicule your beliefs, you don’t ridicule mine.

8. Parents who don’t believe an airbag will injure their child. Here is proof that babies belong in the BACK seat!

7. And while we are on the subject of vehicle safety… What is up with motorcyclists not wearing helmets? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a bare head meeting asphalt at 60 mph is going to cause some serious damage.

6. People you love doing really stupid things and, as much as you would like to beat some common sense into them, you can’t do the slightest thing.

5. Those STUPID verification codes that you have to decipher. They are so hard to read; half the time I don’t even get it right. But as if that isn’t enough… there is the button to click if you are visually impaired. Does anyone see the irony here? If you can’t see the code, how are you going to see the “click here” button? If you are visually impaired, does that button speak to you or something? It’s about as useful as a trap door in a canoe!

4. Monkeys, I mean children, hanging from those little hande grips in the car. And when I say hanging, I mean it in every sense of the word: “swinging upside down with feet on the roof” hanging. There is a place for that and it is in the gym, not the car!

3. Anyone who blames another person or situation for his/her problems. Oh – I do it too, but really. We are all big folk and can make our own decisions. Your mom did not cause all your paranoia and the “bomb scare” doesn’t have to dictate how you behave in public. (speaking personally here)

2. Someone who professes to believe one thing and actually lives a different way. What is up with good Mormon girls swearing on their blogs? Why do people hold resentment for a church they CHOOSE to belong to because it “makes” them live differently than they really want to? (see item #3) Really, do you expect to get away with that excuse forever?

1. This makes me madder than mule chewing on bumblebees! I hate when I am scrolling through and innocent site, thinking it is family friendly and suddenly, without warning, something pops up that I had no desire to see. Everywhere I turn, I have to have my “blinders” on. Even bumper stickers and decals can get pretty descriptive. It is the same with TV shows. Prime time, network TV should be a relatively safe place, at least for channel surfing. But I am always surprised at what people can fit into a split second. Good books turn to smut, otherwise great websites get blocked, magazines turned over or requested for removal, songs get deleted. Spyware is installed, spam arrest is fitted in place and filters are secured. AND STILL!!! Obscenities, crudity and pornography seem to be rapping at my door daily. Seriously people! I don’t want to read it! I don’t want to hear it and I definitely don’t want to see it!!! What gives these people the right to put this stuff out there? It’s like blowing smoke in my face!

There you have it… my top ten. Actually, I am thinking I can add more but if I do, I would have to rescind the above comment about not getting too worked up. I think that comment may actually be wishful thinking!

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Erin said...

To go along with your #1 would the emails from "friends" that have questionable content...ugh. Nice list, I'll have what your having!