Sunday, September 18, 2011

Post 427

It's time.

I started my "Real Mom" blog because of my sister's never-ending encouragement. Once I started, I became obsessed. I blogged multiple times in a week. My children started asking at every monumental event if it was going to "end up on the blog." The answer was always "yes."

Blogging became my life-blood. Helping me work through hard times and celebrate wonderful moments. I "met" some AMAZING people who I feel a natural kinship with. People who I will always consider as my friends, though I may never have met them. Some I already was acquainted with, but until sharing our blogs with each other, never could claim full friendship. For these people, I often wonder, "how could I have lived so close to you and not realize what an amazing person you are?" I am grateful for the deepening friendships that came through blogging.

I found myself laughing and crying as I posted and, more importantly, as I read my blogging buddies posts. I learned of peoples struggles and heartaches. I felt joy when they triumphed. Blogging was a very personal, healing source for me. My "Real Mom" blog became part of my identity as I included it in my email signature.

And then an interesting thing happened. My blog fulfilled its purpose. Very specifically, very obviously. As the Lord directed lives that had intertwined on my blog, I felt a sense of fulfillment. People who became dear friends were led here just because two women shared their blogs with their husbands. Heaven took care of the rest.

Since then, life has been a roller coster. I have had a bunch of hard days and a bunch of wonderful days. Through it I have tried to keep blogging consistently. Realizing the healing effect it had on me, I felt as though I needed to continue. But blogging became a chore, more of a burden. And even with my love of writing and the healing benefits from blogging, I just couldn't make myself keep it up.

So, I have finally accepted what I should have seen a while ago. It's time.

Time to sign off as "Real Mom, Real Life." Time to close this chapter in my book. I will always cherish what blogging did for me. But now, it is time to say good-bye.

Now, my friends, don't freak out. I am doing great. Actually, I am feeling better than I have in a long time. And, I plan on continuing to write, just in a different way. I have multiple books I am trying to pound out and I have decided to start blogging again, incognito. You might never know who's behind the blogs you read, but I invite you to try and find me.

To all my Real Mom friends, thank you! And see you in Cyberspace!


Unknown said...

ahhhh I will miss you! I will keep my eyes open...and will see you on FB! Take Care...I learned a lot from you about are a special person!

Tami said...

I will miss reading your blog Kathy! You are an amazing mother, and such a great person. I'm glad I got to know you so much better through your blog, and glad I know where to find you! :)

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