Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Brain Freeze and other deep thoughts

Ahhh, the summer. Nothing like a summer in the desert. Well, maybe a pool in the summer in the desert. But that’s another post for another day.

This is the time of year when places like Cold Stone Creamery, Sonic and Bahama Buck’s are full of desperate dehydrated desert dwellers.

Today, I was one of those desperate desert dwellers. Doesn’t matter that my A/C was cranked up in the car. Doesn’t matter that I was driving with my skirt pulled up to my thighs and the A/C vent aimed directly at a downward angle. Doesn’t matter that I was only outside for 27 seconds as I walked to my car from the music store.

I was hot.

So hot, my skin felt like it was crawling with thousands of centipedes with prickly, burning feet. (If you know the heat, you know what I mean.)

I pulled through Bahama Buck’s for a cool drink. (never mind that I actually got TWO because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted)

As I pulled away from my personal oasis in the sun, something hit me. A brain freeze. The most horrible, long-lasting brain freeze I have ever had. No amount of pushing on the roof of my mouth with my thumb lessened it’s intensity.

And so I began to question…

My body temp must have been rather high when I reached for the cold, iciness of my limeade. Perhaps my brain freeze was so bad because I was so hot. Let’s say it was a cool 65 degrees outside, would my brain freeze have been as severe?

This is something I will never know from experience. Because, you see, when it gets to be 65 degrees outside, my whole body is freezing and I reach for a hot cocoa.

So, what I would really like to know is, do you people who live in Wisconsin or Canada or Iceland get brainfreezes? 


Beth said...

Yes! and I think it is 65 right now! lol... and I am craving a diet coke...cold with ice!

I got a super bad one the other day..not even sure what I was drinking but I doubled over on my bed...and it was cold all the way down...painful...about 4 minutues worth!

Square Root of Family said...

I want whatever drink that is a picture of

Laurie said...

I AM going to Bahama Bucks in 5 weeks! Yum. Sorry about the brain freeze. I get them all the time. It's because we are super smart and our brains get hot from all the hard work.;)