Friday, May 13, 2011

Princess and the... huh?

A few weeks ago I was visiting with a new friend. We were getting to know each other and talking about our families. We share a commonality in that we both have an army of boys followed by the baby of the family – a girl. Knowing how my little princess is the diva-princess-of–the-universe (which, she is actually trying to prove, revolves solely around her), I asked the obvious question, “So, is your daughter the princess of the house?”

Straight faced and in a tone that implied how could I ask such a question, my friend replied, “No. I am.” The twinkle in her eye told me she wasn’t kidding!

I laughed and laughed and have thought frequently on that comment as I drudge forward through daily tasks.

Flash forward to today. 

I have heard rumors of children leaving little “tokens of love” for their mothers. And some times, my children will also. You know, like weeds that they think are really flowers, fake insects on my pillow, hand drawn pictures of me and the dog – where we both look remarkably similar. Things like that.

Today? Well my “love token” was a clogged toilet. I am not talking about “plunger-clogged” I am talking about “its-time-to-call-a-professional-clogged.” The kids had all left to school and hubby had just left town.


So, not wanting a stranger to do our dirty business, literally, I made a quick trip to Lowes, purchased an auger (professional strength) and got to business. And you know what was clogging it?

I would love to tell you it was a Polly Pocket or a Bakugon or even a towel. But no. it was clogged with exactly what you would think. And after four complete pass-throughs with the auger, I finally got the pipes clear.

When all was said and done (and wiped up, sanitized, wiped down and sanitized again) I realized something.

I definitely don’t feel like the princess of the house. That, and my children need more fiber!


Suzee Sanders said...

sounds like you need a toilet like ours. Paul bought one the will flush a bucket of golf balls. after unclogging many a toilet like the one you discribe here he (And I) were fed up and saw this advertized at Home Depot and have been pleasantly surprised. no clogs even after a towel was flushed by a small child.

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