Monday, May 16, 2011


I was reminded the other night how we don’t all see things the same way. Sometimes, we actually see things so differently that it takes a second for someone else to understand that particular viewpoint.

We had a girl’s night out the other night… All the guys were at Father’s & Son’s Campout and the rest of us decided to hang out for a night of chick-flicks, nail polish and chocolate.

One of the movies playing was “Ever After” (truly the best Cinderella story ever). Ms. Princess has never seen this one before but was quickly following the story.

As Cinderella and her Prince began to fall in love, they gave each other a very long, passionate kiss.

Ms. Princess asks me, “Mom, are they, like… CHEWING each other.”

“Uhhhm… Yes, my little princess. That is exactly what they are doing.”


Beth said...

good answer mom good answer!

Boy Mom said...


So glad you're back!

I'll have to get by more often.

Big Hug!