Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hidden talents

Her name is Katara. And she is beautiful. At least that is what my four year old tells me. You see, her older brothers have gotten her hooked on the tween cartoon series, Avatar. My little princess, who can find beauty in everything (including Sally from “Nightmare Before Christmas”) has become enamored with this tough “water-bender.”

So today, as I drove away from the All American Kitchen, Micky D’s, it was no surprise to hear Ms. Princess and her BFF discussing water bending. Ms. Princess was sharing all the tricks and tips every water-bender should know with her little friend.

Ms. Princess: So, do you want to do that when we get home?
BFF: But I don’t know how to do water-bending.
Ms. Princess: Oh, that’s ok. I can teach you.
BFF: Do I have water-bending powers?
Ms. Princess: Well, I don’t know. We can see. I have water-bending powers.
BFF: I think I have Penguin Powers

And all this time, I thought they were normal four year olds. Who would have thought?


Christa Johnson said...

that is soooooo funny and adorable! I love how you captured their conversation. My girls love Katara too. I think it is because she is a strong, water bending girl. I guess there could be worse role models. I actually don't mind that my kids like Avatar. It is one of the only cartoons that is pretty decent anymore.

Beth said...

Little ones with older siblings just crack me up! We are out of that stage completely as my young one is now almost 13!