Saturday, October 23, 2010

There's a first for everything.

I can't believe it.

It's a first for me. Really.

For the first time since I got it 3 years ago, I left my big camera at home for our family vacation.

That's huge! I mean, I usually lug around (by which I mean I make Hubby lug around) my huge backpack full of my camera and various lenses -- I mean, you never know what lens you might need.

The problem I have with taking my "good camera" on vacation is that I worry more about taking pictures than spending quality time with the family.

So, this time, I just took my little point and shoot.

I can hardly believe it. And I am really quite proud of myself. My children are equally as happy.

There you go. If I could do that, who knows what else is in store...

Making my bed each morning? Finishing the laundry? Giving up chocolate?

Um, ok. I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Baby steps, Kathy. Baby steps.

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