Sunday, October 10, 2010

Real Phone Conversation...

I got a phone call the other day from J – who obviously found time to break away from his 8th grade day for this terribly important phone call. It was about 10:30 or so and he had already been at school a couple hours.

Me: Hello?
J: mom? I need you to bring me a shoe.
Me: Uhhhh – huh? (I know, my vocabulary is stunning)
J: I need you to bring me a shoe. A right shoe. And I need it right now.
Me: What are you even talking about? Why would you need just a right shoe.
J: Well, my shoe that I was wearing just fell apart. I didn’t even touch it. (followed by a long explanation of how dilapidated his poor shoes were.
Me: (long-winded wonderment of why my child was even calling and in-depth explanations of why the phone call didn’t even make sense followed by…) You’d better find some duct tape.

Ok – so, lets look at this a minute. Now I know that these wanna-be Vans, directly from the local Wal-mart were bound to fall apart sometime. I mean, how long do $10 shoes really last? But we are talking some pretty amazing deconstruction here if J didn’t even touch them because they actually were in one piece when he left for school.

And seriously, am I going to really drive down to the Jr. High with ONE right shoe. I really think that if I had, the boy would have gone around with mismatched shoes – and not even cared.

So… J came home with his shoe wrapped in duct tape.


Boy Mom said...

Duct tape shoes are the coolest. "Wanna be Vans" You make me laugh!

Annette said...


Just SO said...

He'll probably start a new trend. Duct tape indeed.

Christa Johnson said...

I thought that was a great story and you handled it like a champ! Way to not give in, and duck tape works just fine.
Christa Johnson

Laurie said...