Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pillow Talk

Talking in ones sleep isn’t entirely abnormal. I think its too bad when people don't get to hear some of the delightful comments that come from a sub-conscience individual.

There is one advantage to allowing my children to wander on to the blankets thoughtfully stacked by the side of my bed.

I get to hear every sigh, giggle, comment – and yes – even song that comes from your sweet ones while they sleep.

As I have said before B was born with her voice box working quite well. In fact, I think she was just getting it warmed up. She giggles and sings in her sleep. But mostly she talks… sometimes about pirates, sometimes about Prince J, sometimes she is fighting with a brother, some times she just does a lot of sighing.


“Oh, I love handsome Ken barbies”

Someone once told me you couldn’t dream until you were 4 years old.

Obviously, that’s wrong,


Jill said...

My son crawled into bed with us once after a bad dream, and in the middle of the night (I was awake to hear this since I'm an insomniac) he suddenly pointed his hand straight up at the ceiling and shouted, "expecto patronum!" He'd watched Harry Potter earlier in the day so he must have been having quite the magical dream :)

I used to have entire conversations with hubby while he was sleeping. He really was out cold, and he didn't remember them in the morning. We'd talk about really bizarre stuff :)

Shellee said...

Everyone in my home talks in their sleep and I love it. I have found out so many things about my children this way.

Boy Mom said...

It's so soothing to hear their little voices in the night. I love handsome Ken barbies to, baby B.

That Girl said...

Have you seen Toy Story 3? She might swoon ...