Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stronger than a Locomotive

Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

See this basketball hoop? You know, the one that heralds hours of fun for the children, promises bonding time for the whole family… the one that inspires young men to become the next Basketball Superstar?

Yeah, well, it has to start somewhere.

And for us, that somewhere was in a box – in a hundred different pieces.

Hubby tackled this task fearlessly. Hubby was courageous in the face of unfamiliar tools and cryptic instructions. Each step of this assembly was painful; nothing came easily. But he persevered.

Weekend upon weekend, squeezing the building of the basketball hoop between the many tasks he continually balances on his shoulders, Hubby kept working. Finally, last week, he finished.

It was sturdy and strong.

And it was backwards.

Discouraged, he put the hoop away until later. Tonight, we were trying to figure out the easiest way to turn it around. We thought we had the problem solved so, we gathered the kids to help heft this 500 lb monstrosity and began to execute our carefully thought out plan.

At some point, while we were all in our various positions around the hoop, it began to fall. It knocked several kiddos out of the way and began to pin me underneath its heavy frame. I was really ok, and I tried to explain I was fine and don’t panic. But I could not be heard. Not over Hubby’s shouting.

He was shouting something about the hoop being on mom, but with the other kids knocked off their feet; they couldn’t get to it in time to help. I was in an awkward position and was at the mercy of those around me. So, Hubby did what any Super Man would do if the woman he loved was in danger.

With a Herculean cry, he hefted the 500lb mass off my leg (squishing his fingers in the process) and allowed me to escape to freedom.

Who does that? 500 pounds!!???!!

Miraculously, we are all fine. No injuries, except maybe for a few bruises. (Maybe tomorrow we will feel it more.) And now our children are playing underneath it's heavy frame.

It’s nice to know that I am the motivation my husband needs to gain super human strength… I am still giggling about it.

I really wish I had a video.