Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Perfect Fit

The other day, I took B to JoAnn’s with me. (yes, I know it is really called JoAnn but I just can’t make myself leave off the ‘s’) She loves that place and squeals with delight at the thought of going there.

The ENTIRE time I am there with her (each and EVERY time I am there with her) I hear, “Oooh, mommy! Look at that fabric!” or “Wow, that fabric is beautiful.” And of course, she has to gently touch each bolt of fabric that catches her eye. Feeling its texture beneath her little fingers.

A couple days ago, we went to JoAnn’s again. This time, upon the suggestion of her daddy, I let her pick her very own fabric. Then we went over to the patterns and picked out a dress pattern she liked. She was SOOOO excited for the dress. Poor thing couldn’t understand it wasn’t an immediate thing. She would have to wait some time for me to make the dress.

I tried to help her understand that even though I was cutting out the pattern pieces and the dress pieces, it really wasn’t ready to wear yet.

Well, life happened. I haven’t gotten past the cutting out stage yet. Keep in mind, it really has been only a couple days.

Tonight I was making dinner (crazy, I know) and S comes in to tell me to look at B’s new dress. Evidently, she had found some of the cut-out dress pieces and decided to make it all by herself. (even though she told S where to attach stuff, which he did with ties, she won’t give him ANY credit)

Here’s what came walking into the kitchen. Shortly after my hasty Cell Phone Pics, the dress fell apart. But it was cute while it lasted. How could I possibly be mad? Even if she did cut the pieces to pieces. (Honestly, I am kinda impressed)

Now, if you excuse me. I have a dress to cut out – again.

Oh yeah, and notice her new haircut??? That is because I can't keep up with my Scissor Happy Diva -- UGGGH!


Beth said...

Oh Oh Kathy... what a memory in the making! These little girls want it and want it now! Love the hair too.. My youngest got mad one day when I wouldn't let her have a haircut... we were at a salon for older sisters...came home... and all of a sudden her older sister says "what ARE you doing?" And SNP goes about ohhhh 6 inches of hair...from shoulders to scalp... oh my!

B is a delight...have fun re doing all your work!

Emmy said...

Awesome! And love that second picture, look at that pose!

S'mee said...

hehehehe this is AWESOME!

You need to record "Project Runway" and "What Not To Wear" for that child...and save up for FIDM!

Laurie said...

I think she may have found her calling in life!
How sweet that Spencer was helping her "make" her dress. She is sooo funny and soooo freaking cute. She's totally working it for the camera.
I loooove her hair. It's actually super cute.
Funny girl.

That Girl said...

Will you lend me your daughter on Wednesday? I have a date with JoAnnS myself.

Laura said...

Your blog is new to me...four boys and then a little girl!!

I have the four boys, but was never blessed with the girl. Life must be interesting for you!

Come on over and get some mom inspiration and encouragement from OutnumberedMom -- I think you qualify!