Sunday, August 23, 2009


Can someone explain, exactly, how a mom is supposed to sit through a wonderful magic show presented by her children, encouraging them, smiling and not completely freak out about the mess being made right before her eyes?

R & T spent the day setting up a magic show in T’s room. The whole day. T’s room was clean this morning. Not so much now.

About 5:30 we began to find notes scattered around the house that said “Magic Show 6:00” The two boys had donned the magician’s uniform (which actually looked a lot like Karate Uniforms) and were ready to go.

We filed expectantly to T’s bedroom, now strewn with sheets, boxes, markers, paper… and a few other things I’m not sure I can identify. Settling ourselves in the corner we began to watch the show.

This show included small containers overflowing with dyed water. Dusty boxes retrieved from the garage, lizards being dropped into these said boxes (I wasn’t supposed to see that one) and much more.

I tried really hard to smile, nod and gush. But inside I was thinking about the purple water that had spilled all over T’s bed, or the marker stains now dotting his once clean sheets. I tried not to notice that every toy in the room was now on the floor or that the boys were dangerously close to knocking over the lizard’s meal box full of live crickets. I tried really hard not to worry that scorpions were in those dusty boxes littered throughout the room and especially tried not to think about the amount of laundry this one magic show would afford.

But R & T were so proud. SOOOO proud. So, does a little mess matter all that much when your child is transported into an imaginary realm for a few hours? Probably not. I just wish I could transport with them so I don’t worry about the reality they leave behind.


Our Crazy Family said...

You are a WAY nicer mom than I am Kathy! I would've flipped out and moved the magic show right into the kitchen! Pat yourself on the back for being a nice mom!

Beth said...

Oh I wish I could have seen it! How fun! Relish this moments!

Emmy said...

Yes, it is so hard to just let go and enjoy. The few times I have been able to manage it really is wonderful.

Carin said...

You are a far better woman than I!
I would have threatened death to find dyed water in one of the kids rooms LOL!

I am glad that you were able to let them have a good time and enjoy.

You're a great mom!

Fiauna said...

Oh yes. I think I've seen this very same magic show at my house.

Connie said...

I'm SO the same way. I have a hard time looking past the huge messes, present & potential, but I'm getting better at it! :)

Boy Mom said...

I feel your pain! Maybe their stage can be out in the garage with old sheets next time.

in time out said...

uh yeah. i struggle...i hate to admit it...but, hmmmm. anyhoo, compliments to the good mom you are. And thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

Michelle said...

I am sooo laughing my head off right now. That is exactly how I have felt soo many times!

But how could I get after them for all the sincere effort they put into their performances???

shawni said...

You are a good mom. Even if you had the not so happy thoughts in your mind, you let them do it. That's so cute they were so excited about it. I was just coming by to say hi...glad you are doing well...and I can't believe that you're in Gilbert and have a perfect view of the temple site! Very very lucky.

Hey, are you guys still on for pictures this fall? I have you on my calendar for next month...I think the 10th of October. And of all the times to be out of town, that will be one of them. We're leaving for Fall Break. So I'm writing early to reschedule...that is, if you still want to do it. No worries if you've changed your mind. Just let me know. And if that exact date was really important I am so very sorry to mess things up!

Love, Shawni