Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Better Than Cookies

My sister once said, "Hugs are better than cookies."

And, if you knew how much she and I loved cookies, you would understand the significance of the statement!

Today, in between buying school shoes and running T to the doctor, we had a few minutes to kill, so we spontaneously stopped by Mickey D's. Suddenly, our "errands" turned into an "outing". All day since, T has slathered me with hugs. Saying things like, "I really liked our outing, mom." He has just been hugging me over and over. And I love it.

Then tonight, while watching a movie as a family, he and R cuddled up to me. Hugging me. Loving me. And I loved it.

All the long days of summer disappeared and immediately the pending school year approached to soon.

And, I am pretty sure, as this sleepy boy hugs me good night, that Hugs are TOTALLY better than cookies!


Diane said...

Oh Kathy, I so love the picture you paint of your special day and all the shared huggles with your babies, who aren't very much 'babies' anymore, huh?! You are so right, nothing in this world feels better than when those little arms and hands wrap around you and squeeze you tight! If only we could package that and sell it, huh?!!!!

Many hugs...................


Beth said...

I love cookies...but I really really love hugs! Great post! I am sad that summer is ending...still have lots to accomplish before I head back... the kids don't start til Sept 8th, but I go back Aug 31st

I am starting a cool blog carnival..something from the book A Heart Like His... stop on over if you would like!

Emmy said...

It is amazing how one hug or one really sweet I love you can magically make you forget all the bad things :)

threehappyhansens@yahoo.com said...

Sounds like such wise sister. :)