Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. T!

T is SEVEN today!!! I can't believe it.

I still remember T's birthday vividly. Maybe it is because the cord was quadruple wrapped around his little neck. Maybe because the Doctor shrugged in desperation of not knowing how to get this little person out of me without serious consequences. Maybe its because I never felt the worry, only a divine urge to do what I needed to -- not what I was being told to do. And here he is.

Not too bad for not breathing and being completely blue when he was born.

My Little T.

This is T's favorite picture...

T had this great habit of always falling asleep while he was playing. This first picture is in a closet. We were in the middle of a remodel (thus my dress hanging in the way) T had gone into his closet to hide from the workers because he was embarassed he had colored all over himself with markers. After frantically looking all over for him, I found him here...

Happy Birthday Kiddo!!! I sure love you!
(BTW, in case you couldn't figure it out, I couldn't decide which pictures to use... I still have so many cute ones left! Curse those digital cameras -- no don't curse them. I love them In fact I got my very first digital camera right before T was born... that's why I have so many more photos of him as a baby... okay, enough blabbing!)


Emmy said...

Happy Birthday T! Cute pictures. My Lucas has fallen asleep in some strange places, including on the teeter totter.
Yes digital cameras are a wonderful evil.. my kids will never be able to say we don't have pictures of them. :)

Beth said...

Great pics!

Happy Birthday T...hope you day is awesome!

ally hansen said...

He's such a cutie!! Hope he had a great birthday.

Fiauna said...

July 12th must be a great day for a birthday. ; ) Your boy has such beautiful eyes.

Happy Birthday, T!