Monday, June 15, 2009

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!!! In Arizona? In the Summer?

Only when Very-Cool-Super-Awesome-Auntie-L comes to town!!!

So my little sis flew in for a few days (YAHOO) and we picked up some snowballs at the Local Bahama Bucks (can I say AWESOME?)

But it raised a few questions...

If you are getting snowballs from a Styrofoam container while eating a Popsicle in your swim shorts, is it still considered a snowball fight?

Has anyone really ever had any luck deflecting an onslaught of snowballs with just a hand?

If you make a pre-teen boy scream like a girl, should you stick around to watch?

That answer would be "NO" (payback is mighty cold)

Does a snowball really hit it's target harder once you lick it?

Are you really ever too young for a facial?
(No, she wasn't crying. While crazy erupted around her, she stood in the middle, picking up "snow" and giving herself a facial)

Do you think these kids will ever forget the snowball fight?

Does it get any better than this???


pan x 8 said...

I love it when Auntys come to town! It's like having a party every day!

What a fun fun snowball fight! And no.. I think this will be a story told over and over..

Have fun with your sister!

Emmy said...

So fun! And no I don't think they'll ever forget it.
Love the facial! So what my Alex would do.

Erin said...

What a fun day!

heather said...

HOw fun!!

Tink said...

What great fun! Snow in summer! Hmmmm! Love your photography.

Fiauna said...

So much fun!! I loved that day, too--Oh, wait, I wasn't there. I loved the post then.

That Girl said...

Yup. Arizona will be bearable.

"Summershine" said...

Great idea!!!! I would have never thought of Bahama Bucks. I'll have to call and see how much they are. That would make the intense heat of the months to come much more bearable!!!