Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

You know the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes? Well, we have had our own little version of it playing at our house lately.

You see, my son downloaded this ringtone for his phone. He swears he can hear it. His friends swear they can hear it. Even little B says she can hear it.

Me? Not so much.

Evidently, I am a little slow on the uptake. There is this way cool ringtone made just for kids that adults (including teachers) CAN NOT HEAR.

How do I know the kids aren’t all just pretending? Am I just an emperor being made fool of, or is this thing real?

I have mixed feelings.

First off, that is way cool that someone even discovered that. But, wait a second, I am not sure I like being old enough to be discriminated against.

Oh, and then it brings up the other issue of, “what other things am I missing?" What things SHOULD I be catching but can't because it is out of my "frequency range?"

So is this cool – or is this scary?

What do you think?


Emmy said...

I have heard of that to but am not sure if it is real. I will have to go to to check it out :) But I would say it is a little of both. Scary as who knows what else we are missing but kind of good as it is nice as I am glad I am not in that young teenage drama stage anymore :)

Sharla said...

That is insane! I tested my level and I hit "50 and younger". I must be old! Annika could hear all the way down to 39 and younger and so I don't know how real the others are. Pretty scary though. Now if there was a tone that would block out the whining and complaining?!? =)

Megs said...

I think it's real! I was teaching youth group about a year ago, and I kept hearing this weird "buzzing" in my ear - I finally stopped what I was doing and said, "What IS that?!" The kids exploded into giggles and one of them announced he set his phone to a frequency I shouldn't be able to hear... But apparently my ears are younger than the rest of me!
It made me wonder about dog whistles, too... :)

Boy Mom said...

Whoa! I missed five posts! Sorry! What a blessing with the water heater. Way to listen to the spirit!

The peeing thing, Oh the stories Boy Moms can tell.

So jealous of your little girl, she is adorable. So cute that she wants to do your hair.

Ring tone that only kids can hear? I know a lot of things that kids don't hear, clean your room, don't pee in your room, be nice to your brother, don't know about the ring tone? Weird.

pan x 8 said...

I have to tell you as much as I'm keeping some things (Santa, tooth fairy, Easter bunny) up for my younger kids, my older three are creating some things for me that I seriously don't know if they are "true" or not... LOL!

Anonymous said...

that is hillarious

Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

That ringtone seriously hurts my ears.

Does that mean I am hip and young?? (please say yes)

~motherboard said...

Dude!!! That is CRAZY!!! It kinda scares me actually. But it is rather brilliant. It does make me feel old.