Friday, April 10, 2009

Ten things you never cared to know, but will be so glad you do...

My Blogging Buddy, Diane, sent me some blogging love in the way of a tag… So I get to tell the world a 10 things about myself.

1. I love the smell of little (clean) babies… especially their breath when they are new born.

2. I love the Disney movies and Disney "type"... not the animated ones, the ones that are made for teenagers. You know, the real cheesy ones. I have been to known to even cry at a couple of them. Oh – and the Nickelodeon shows too – those are great. (I know, I know, you don’t have to say it)

3. I hate toothpaste. I only use it because I have to. I think it is so disgusting -- so foamy and slurpy. YUCK. Hubby brushes our kids teeth.

4. Sometimes I still get scared about what might be under my bed, so I jump to it in order to prevent the unknown from grabbing my feet.

5. Once, when I was preggy with my first child, I woke up wet. Sure that my water had broken, we hurried into Labor and Delivery. My "water" was just fine. So humiliating.

6. I have to pull my hair over my ears while I sleep so spiders don't crawl in them. I can't sleep if my ears are uncovered. I guess I will never have short hair.

7. I make faces at security cameras. ATMS, elevators. Where ever I see them (and when I am alone) I can't help myself.

8. I can not dance. AT ALL! I have absolutely no rhythm. Still, when I am alone, I manage to find my groove and work off a few calories.

9. I have a freckle inside my left pinky toe.

10. I am really glad I have four boys and one girl and not one boy and four boys… no roof is big enough for two women… let alone more.

Consider yourself tagged if you have already eaten breakfast, are still in your PJs or desperately need a shower! :-)


Tink said...

Oh man Kathy you not only made me smile, but totally laugh out loud! Especially the one of thinking your water broke when you were preg-o! Hilarious (and humiliating I'm sure). This was a fun post. Although I do go to sleep with my ears uncovered, there have been times I've wanted to stuff cotton in them at night for fear of an ear wig or spider crawling into them. Ewww.

Anonymous said...

LOVED all of those but have to think that the security camera thing is my favorite :) how cool and ITA w/ the girl thing.. I got two and it's nuts around here ::::::EEEKKKK:::

Diane said...

I am sooooo with you on #10! I love my MIL dearly, but the 18 months of sharing a home with her were pure torture!!! Not just for me, but for dear hubby as well. I ask the Lord every single day of my life not to let me have to endure that again before I leave this world!

Great post! I loved reading your 10!

Many hugs............


P.S. RE: your comment on Spasms' blog, you're doing it exactly right!!!!!

That Girl in Brazil said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I canNOT sleep with my ears uncovered. Or when my feet are hanging off the bed.

(I thought I was the only one ....)

I inhale my babies til I get dizzy.

I frequently burst into HSM song.

I can't dance. Seriously.

I make faces at cameras.

I love toothpaste, though. Forgive me?

(I also don't have a freckle on my left pinky toe. I checked.)