Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Monday night, on a walk in her stroller, B grabbed at her ankle and cried that she had an “owie.” I couldn’t find any sign of anything that would hurt her, so I kissed her foot and we went on our way.
Then, during the night, she came upstairs to our bed, complaining of her foot hurting. Again, I couldn’t really see anything – maybe a little mosquito bite. Maybe. If I squinted. So I put a bandaid on her foot so we could both go back to sleep.

Off and on, throughout Tuesday, she complained about her foot. I would glance at it and it looked like a mosquito bite… a little swollen but nothing I hadn’t seen before.

Then, right about dinner time, she really wailed that it hurt. She was limping slightly on it. So I took a closer look and this is what I saw.

I immediately called on my neighbor (who I post about ALL the time because she seriously has been an angel in my life; an answer to prayers) If I ever have a question about my children's health, I go to her. She is 98% of the time spot on with what type of treatment they need from the doctors. She knows what to tell me to ask for. I guess that is what comes from giving birth to 10 children. Anyway, she took one look at her foot and said, “You need to take her in right now. She has cellulitis.”

Well, I didn’t hesitate. I have known my neighbor long enough, and had enough experience with her to know that she knew what she was talking about.

I called the doc, was seen 30 minutes later. Sure enough. Cellulitis. From some sort of bug bite. Thankfully, we caught it early and B should be OK with a round of antibiotics.

Thanks to my dear friend, we are, again, spared from a more serious situation. This kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME with her. It is as if we were sent to this home because the Lord knew I couldn’t be a mom without the wisdom of this beautiful person. In fact, I know that is why. I know the Lord knew I needed her. And once again, my heart is SO full of gratitude for this friend the Lord put in my life.

That’s how He works, you know… He places people in our path, when we need them. And He places us in other’s paths. Isn’t that the coolest thing EVER???

I have seen the Lord’s hand in my life in so many ways. I can not deny that He knows who I am and is aware of my needs. I am convinced He does that for each one of us. We just have to open our eyes. I am convinced He wants each of our happiness.

Everyone needs a neighbor like mine. Better yet, we should all be neighbors like mine.

Thanks Jana! Love you!
*****UPDATE***** B's little tooties are doing very well now. There is no swelling or redness. The worst part of this whole thing is just making her take the medicine, which she is half way through with. Thanks for everyone's concern!


Beth said...

Oh I am so glad that she will be okay! Scary! Thank You, God!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Can I be her neighbor, too?!

Anonymous said...

what a blessing! what is cellulitis? I guess I could google it LOL

hope she feels better soon, poor baby :(

heather said...

I couldn't agree more. And someday when I'm a mom I hope I have a neighbor like that too!

Fiauna said...

So scary. I glad she's being taken care of.

Erin said...

Wow, smart neighbor! And I'm glad your daughter is okay too.

Boy Mom said...

Scary! Such cute little tootsies though! Wow I guess those last three babies did the trick! I would never have picked up on cellulitis. Friends are such a blessing!

Diane said...

You are so right! The Lord places people and situations in our path to grow us and make us stronger. I am so thankful He put your precious neighbor in your life.

Bless her heart, I know this is painful for B. I'm praying for her and for her Mommy!

Many hugs............


kerri said...

Awesome neighbor. Awesome Lord, really. But awesome you for recognizing Him in her. We should all be neighbors indeed.

And so glad that your daughter will be okay. (I need to google cellulitis now...)

The Hadder Family said...

VERY SMART to take her in. I got an infected bug bite and ignored it. Even when it looked like her ankle. I took Benadryl and iced it down. I didn't recognise cellulitis which turned into MERSA staff infection. A week later the surgeon had to cut out the dead tissue and I could have lost my leg. I was in the hospital 4-5 days. Thank goodness you were smarter than that, and thank goodness for your angel of a neighbor!