Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stupid. Things.

Every so often, things happen that just make me want to say "Here's Your Sign" (if you haven't heard this comedy bit by Bill Engvall, you are missing out on serious belly laughs!)

Here are just three from this week alone...

I am leaving Fry's Grocery Store when I see a little, adorable lady reaching for the "handi-wipe" the greeter is giving her" (you know, the ones that EVERY grocery store has at the door now so you can wipe down your cart)

Lady: This is such a wonderful idea. So smart. (begins to wipe cart down)
Worker: Yes it is. (pleasant smile)
Lady: This is why I shop at Fry's

Me: (only in my head and not outloud because I am nice like that)Really? What the heck? You drive all the way to Fry's for little wet-wipes? Wow... I just like the produce.

Again, at the store... Costco this time. I am waiting in the line to exit the store. Have to make sure I am not stealing anything... This guy in front of me has a battery he has purchased for his car.

From the female employee marking his reciept: OOOHHH -- now that is a great thing to have. When one dies, you can just swap it right out. (man looks at her funny and leaves store) then this lady turns to my reciept checker lady and says... "I want to go home with him, that would be a really great thing to have."

Um. Yeah.

Whether or not she was kidding, she just sounded like an idiot.

Lastly, is this picture...

I took the kiddos to a yummy frozen custard place for our Family Night treat Monday. Of course flying solo with 5 children, I had to hit the drive through. No WAY was I going inside. I approach the drive through and see this sign below the menu...

Okay -- but how am I supposed to get through the drive through if my engine is off? Of course, I was so busy laughing at the sign, I forgot to turn off my engine.

What stupid things have gotten under your skin lately? I am sure there are some WAY better stories out there!


SO said...

That sign is hilarious!!

Diane said...

I am STILL laughing at that sign!!!!

I'm in the check out line at the local Sprawl Mart, I drop a couple of cans on the floor and am having a quite difficult time chasing them down. A very intelligent man in line behind me says "having a hard time"? I just glared at him! Didn't even have the nerve to say anything cause I just knew I would come completely unglued on him!

As you say......'Here's Your Sign'!!!!

Many hugs...........


pan x 8 said...

Funny, funny, funny!

My husband walked in from work today and after I gave him a kiss I asked, "Babe, are you home?" what is that????... And then as if normal, he answers, "Yeah, I am!" ;p

Square Root of Family said...

On a radio commercial for new HD radio units:

"Warning, HD radios are for EXTERNAL use only."

So, I'm not sure if that meant you can't use them inside your house, or whether it meant you can't use them as a suppository.

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

that sign is hillarious!

there was a comment in this cooking magazine I saw once, on tips, the lady said if you invert the plastic cover for store bought pie crust, you can use it as a lid!!!!!!

wow, really? she been under a rock for the last 20 years? LOL

S'mee said...

braille instructions, on the driver's side, at the drive thru at the bank.

the sticker on the inside of the lid for the storage container that reminds us that we are not to store our children in these types of storage containers. (evidently Tupperware has raised the bar)

the label on the water bottle:

"Smaller labels=More Trees! We could write more on a bigger label, but saving trees is important! blah blah blah.....BE GREEN! We can all make a difference! PLEASE RECYCLE! RECYCLE! REUSE! REDUCE!
***for recycling purposes, this bottle is only sold as part of a multi pack."

i.e. reduce = thirsty? sorry bub, instead of only buying one bottle of water, you'll need to buy a case of 48! Have fun being GREEN!

Erin said...

Funny stories!

I wish I could think of a good one right now :)