Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Lucy

The blogging world is an interesting place. One day your giggling about some girl delivering possums and making her own cheerios, the next your enjoying a sampler platter with her at your favorite Mexican restaurant… just plain crazy. Virtual-Meets-Reality.

The first blog, besides my sister's, I ever really looked at and got into was Shawni’s… it’s handle?! I mean, who wouldn’t really be intrigued by that name.

Looking for a good photographer, I began asking around. A friend gave me Shawni’s contact information and blog. I looked at her stuff online and contacted her for a photo session.

Since our photo session (amazing pictures BTW), I have been lurking over at her blog. In our own little blogging world, sometimes it is hard for me to remember that her sister-in-law is in my ward and this is another one of those “virtual-meets-reality” type of things. When I do remember that, I feel “oh so very cool” because frankly, this woman is amazing!!!

Not only does she have a gift with the camera, she is a published author. She and her mom have just published a book called “A Mother’s Books of Secrets” which is being distributed at Deseret Book and online booksellers. Shawni and her mother give priceless mothering guidance while scattering gorgeous photography throughout the book (and I am not just saying that because B is in it :-))

This book is meant to lift mothers; help them while they drag themselves through the daily trenches of motherhood. I was at the bookstore THE DAY it came. The bookstore hadn’t set out the shipment yet, so I made them go get it from the back for me… and I am so glad. This is so inspiring!

But the coolest part? The part that inspired me to blog about this? It’s Lucy!

Lucy is Shawni’s youngest daughter and is on the cover of the book. I featured post by Shawni on Real Angels, Real Life. A post about her baby girl. If you have a minute, I strongly urge you to go read about this little angel. Get the tissues! She is precious beyond all measure and even though I have never met her, I feel so much love towards her.

At the tender age of two, Lucy has been diagnosed with a rare disease. One that will leave her, among other things, blind in the next few years. I am not the only one who has been touched by the story of Lucy. So many people have shown an overwhelming response of support and love. Among those has been the Foundation for Fighting Blindness and Foundation for Blind Children. And Shawni and her mom want to give back. So, a portion of the proceeds from their book, A Mother’s Books of Secrets, will go towards this foundation.

You will not be disappointed. My little B loves looking through the pictures of the children in the book. I love the wisdom I find on its pages. Everybody knows a mother somewhere who would love this… and it will help little Lucy.

A Mother’s Book of Secrets: $18
A box of Kleenex: $1.39
Helping Little Lucy: Priceless!

Take a little glimpse into this family’s life and support a noble cause at the same time.

By the way, Shawni took all these pictures!


Anonymous said...

thank you for passing this info along, she is adorable.

Sharla said...

Very very touching. Thank you for sharing this.

Fiauna said...

I totally saw this book featured on the local news. And I've blurked on her site and have read all about little Lucy. What an inspiring and touching story. And yes, she is one gifted photographer!

Diane said...

Kathy, thank you so much for sharing this with us. I most definitely will be making a purchase. Who could turn away from the opportunity to even a small little thing for someone so precious as Lucy?!

Many hugs............


Anonymous said...

wanted to tell how much I enjoyed a comment you made on a post at "Goddess In Progress."

Pray, read, act and record. I am going to give it a try.