Monday, April 20, 2009


I have been blessed with a bunch of wonderful friends. Some close, come more just “smile-and-nod” type. But all dear to my heart.

It is interesting, the whole friendship thing. When I was a child, I didn’t know I could be friends with someone who was different from me, lived in a different ward, attended a different school. And I definitely couldn’t be friends with someone if one of my friends disliked that person.

If someone did something I didn’t like, well then, we just couldn’t be friends. That was how it was. I couldn’t seem to see past different behavior and establish a friendship.

I am so glad that time has passed.

This subject was brought to my attention the other day when talking with my son about people he has to spend time with at school or at church. While he is mostly friendly, there are some people he just would prefer not being around. And since these kids go to school or church with him, it just isn’t possible. It has been difficult for him.

I am not sure I said anything that meant anything to him, but it did get me thinking.

I have friends now that do or say things I don’t particularly like. They may raise their kids differently than me, like different music, have different political or religious beliefs and in some cases, not like my other friends.

But, somewhere, over the growing up years, I learned something very important. I learned that the differences don’t really matter. I learned that by overlooking things that are different and latching on to similarities, you can have the best friends in the world. I learned that by saying kind things about people, one can turn even the hardest hearts towards that person. I learned that it is possible to be friends with two different people, who do really care for each other.

You see, everyone wants to be accepted. Wants a friend. Someone they can give a smile to and receive one in return. Everyone wants to be loved. And if I can ignore some things that are different from me, I can have many friends. Many wonderful, priceless friends.

Hopefully, this is a lesson my son will learn well before adulthood. Because friendship is a wonderful thing.


Diane said...

I can say for this one lady on the other side of the country that I'm so thankful we are friends. You are so dear to me and I treasure your friendship. Though we've never 'met', I have no doubt we would be even closer if we lived next door to each other! Friendship is, indeed, one of God's most precious gifts.

Many hugs.........


Boy Mom said...

Friends are such a blessing. Thanks for being my bloggy friend.

Becky said...

Well said!

Beth said...

The whole issue of friends and in my pre teen talk BFF... gives me nightmares or at least lots of angst. I thought I wouldn't be effected the 3rd time around..dd #3 is 10 yrs younger than my next oldest... I do give better advice..but it still bothers me!

I truly cherish friendships I have made thru message boards and blogging! It sure has been eye opening ! And you are on my list! lol Have a nice day!

Huston Family said...

Mckenzie is dealing with this very problem. Thanks for the insights!