Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bet Your Bottom Dollar


Well, today was another one of those days. You know the kind. Let me give you a whiney recap.

Hubby out of town -- again. I was never meant to be a single mom. I tip my hats to those who have to do it all the time. I am ready for hubby to come home.

T cried NONSTOP from the time he got home from school until bedtime. Because I wouldn't go buy him a Komodo Dragon. Right. That. Second. (or ever if you ask me)

J's knees are all torn up from CRAWLING around the track on at school -- just to be funny. So he is walking around with robot legs. And of course, it HURTS! A LOT!

R insists that I am nice to everyone except him and why don't I let him do this or that when his brothers could. (oh yeah -- and now he has pink eye)

B? Let's just say she found my make-up while I was at J's concert and S was supposed to be watching her. She painted her lips quite nicely. I haven't even gone upstairs to see the mess. Oh -- and lest I forget, she cut her hair. Just as it was starting to grow out from her last hair cut! This time it is worse, and I shed real tears.

No one is able to sleep, everyone is whining (a little like mom).

S says he doesn't want to go to the "once in a life time" scout camp (I think because we are making him earn the money for it)

J's asthma is out of control. T isn't getting better.

I can't get enough sleep -- even when I really do. And I just want to bury my head in the sand like an ostrich. And cry. For a long time.

The laundry? INSANE! Literally.

But the thing that I pretend makes it all better? Right here, baby.

The box is almost gone!

I keep singing in my head "The sun will come out TOMORROW"


Michelle said...

wow--here is your cyber hug:

HUG :)

I hope that you do have a better day tomorrow--if you do find a nice sandy beach to bury your head, let me know ;)

my 12 year old watched the baby for 1/2 hour yesterday so I could go & "bury my head"--in a nice hot bath. But I guess you have to hide your make-up & scissors if you dare do that. Sigh, the joys of motherhood.

Square Root of Family said...

I love you. Sorry that this is such a difficult time. Hang in there!

Beth said...

Oh Kathy ACKKKK... I only have one left at home and I freak when she is so needdddyyyyyy! No words of wisdom only a {{{ }}} hug and some love XXOO take care

Beth said...

I love Resses's Puffs! Yummmmm

Sharla said...

I'm sorry you had such a trying day. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

Diane said...

Oh dear Kathy, would that I were closer so I could come by and take over for an hour so you could just slip away and do something JUST FOR KATHY!

I love you, sweet friend! Jump into that box and don't come out till it's all better!!


Many hugs..........


Emmy said...

Wow, so sorry! When it rains it pours. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you. I hate when my husband is out of town to, not fun.
Good luck I will say a prayer for you today!

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

If I lived near, I'd totally bring you over to my house, put you on my couch, give you chocolate and have my older kid babysit :)


pan x 8 said...

from one hanging in there mom to another - if all you are dipping into is peanut butter cereal - do it girl! It makes the world go round and that's all we want some days - keep the world from stopping!;p

I hope today is even more chaotic and rewarding! ;p

Fiauna said...

(((hugs))). I hope things turn around for you soon. Now, pass the cereal, please.

That.Girl said...

Hugs. Glad it's better, though. Or at least that you get a break! I've only got two kids and couldn't handle being a single mom, either. Little Man's been teething... molars, so I know where you're at in the sleep department! said...

I'm sorry sis, I wish I was close to so I could come help make it better.