Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are You Like Me?

I have read some great blogs. By great moms. Who even have their picture in their profile. But if I ever saw them in line at Target, I would have no idea.

I am sorry, those 25 pixel photos just don't give me enough to go off of.

I have been thinking about this. How you and I could actually live down the street from each other. Shop at the same store, visit the same doctor, take our kids to the same school. And we would have no idea.

Then I started thinking even more... what if we share more in common than just proximity?

What if we are really similar? There is one particular blogger who my hubby is convinced is my twin -- and yet we have never met. But our similarities are actually kind of humorous. (You learn a lot about a person when you go back a few months.)

So what is your story?

Do you get angry at your sweet little kids?
Do you struggle to stay awake during the day, making naps almost a necessity?
Do you have odd looking toes and stubby fingers?
Did you marry your high school sweetheart?
Did you grow up in a big family or small?
Do you think your children are pretty much the cutest things on the planet?
Do you love to sing, but just lack the talent to make it pleasant to listen to?
Do you struggle with depression?
Are you an aspiring author?
Do you have multiple projects started and very little finished?
Do you like to sew?
Are you a sucker for a good Disney Original Movie and tear up at Ever After?
Have you ever been caught dancing in the kitchen by someone besides your family?
Do you have a habit of embarrassing yourself?

Are you like me?


Holly said...

I'd have to say yes to a lot of the above. (Especially the lack of singing ability part. You'll have to go back into my blog. I mention it at least three times!) Have a great day!

heather said...

I think we are all so much more alike then we realize at first glance. I think that is why blogging is so contagious and addicting, we learn we are NOT THE ONLY ONES WHO [fill in the blank].

Jill said...

I love those questions... I'll have to take the time to fill out the answers on my blog. :) By the way, Sharon had a baby girl yesterday, 10 lb. 3 oz! We Meacham's have big babies.

That.Girl said...

Awesome post. Makes me wonder. I'm gonna fill this out on my blog. :)

Bee and Rose said...

I love the movie Ever After and always well up when I watch it!

I am totally like you!

Fiauna said...

I love this post. Here are my answers:
kind of--love to sing, don't know if it's good or bad.
once a month
when my machine works
I guess you could say we are alike!

S'mee said...

I had all of my answers ready to write down until I noticed that Jill had a ten pound baby


(I don't even know Jill, but please, someone throw that woman a party!)

S'mee said...

ooops, sorry Jill, went back to reread and well, GO SHARON!

(i'm leaving now)

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

yes, that new mom needs some kinda of TLC.... I had a 10 pounder and yeah, that was my last one too! LOL

as for your questions,

the author question? I actually just got my little book published :) yeah me. and the last question, ALL the time!

Rachelle said...

Hi Kathy,
I love this list. I'm going to post it to my blog & answer them. Thanks for letting us in a little more to get to know you a little better.

That Girl in Brazil said...

*I'd* know you, I'm positive. Your profile head shot is awesome. Also, I'm sure my consciousness would cry out to yours. ;o)

So let's see ...

YES, I get angry. Too often, too much.
I only struggle to stay awake when I'm reading to my children or playing cars. Which is often.
I HATE my toes and stubby fingers. Seriously.
I didn't marry my high school sweetheart - thank goodness!
I thought my family was normal-sized - five kids - but lots of people thing that's big.
DUH, my kids are the cutest thing in the UNIVERSE.
I love to sing ... alone ... in the shower ...
Yes, I struggle with depression. Sometimes I feel like I always will.
Yes, I'm an aspiring author - isn't everyone?
Ha! I have TONS of projects that I work on a little bit at a time. I get bored quickly. (I think I posted about this once ...)
I LOVE to sew. In straight lines. Simple ones.
I adore Disney movies and Ever After makes me cry.
I've been caught dancing in the kitchen by the Elders Quorum's President. (And had a talk with husband about bringing people home without telling me ....)
I embarrass myself FREQUENTLY.

I think I'm like you.

Crystal Mason said...

-Yes, I sometimes find myself getting angry at my babies.
-Actually no.
-My feet are like flinstone feet and yes, I have short chubby fingers.
-Just my mother.
-Yes, my kids are gorgeous.
-Yes, I love to sing.
-Sometimes I feel like I have or do suffer, but not all days.
-Would love to write a book.
-Never. I can't procrastinate.
-I don't sew.
-Love Disney and very emotional.
-Yes, lol