Friday, February 6, 2009

One Man

Like many members of my church, I have been encouraged to read from the Book of Mormon daily. It is a book we regard as Holy Scripture and use hand in hand with the Holy Bible. It is a book that is precious to me.

Lately, I have been reading about the prophet Abinidi. Can I just say I love this guy? I never get tired of reading this story. He is really quite amazing; albeit not great at disguises…

I always get a kick out of the part of the story where, after he fled for his life from the city who wanted to kill him, goes back among the city in disguise. Then announces that he is Abinidi… I always wonder what part of the story I am missing. It seems if I were trying to get past someone, I wouldn’t tell them who I was. Maybe he was just trying to get INTO the city.

Anyhow, he is captured and taken to the king. The same one who he had been condemning for his sins. He is standing in the court of the king – with all his wicked priests – and begins teaching them. Calling them to repentance.

Well, as you can imagine, the wicked king doesn’t like it so much and tells his guards to seize Abinidi and kill him. Instead of shrinking in fear, Abinidi stands his ground. In the power of the Lord, he commands that nobody touch him because he is not done. The guards cower in the presence of this authority. Then Abinidi, instead of using this opportunity to run, teaches. Bears his testimony. Calls them to repentance.

When he is finished, he is restrained by the guards, his life in jeopardy. One of the king’s priests, Alma, believes Abinidi. He tries to stop the martyrdom of this prophet, but his own life is threatened, so he escapes to safety and records the words which Abinidi taught. It doesn’t say, and I always wonder, if Abinidi knew that someone believed him. If he knew that his stand for the truth mattered to someone. In the end, he seals his testimony with his blood as he is burned at the stake by the king and his wicked priests.

Alma goes on to teach the words of God, as taught by Abinidi, bringing many people to the knowledge of Christ. He raises a son who ends up being one of the greatest missionaries in the Book of Mormon, along with his friends. Thousands are affected. Thousands are brought to the knowledge of the word of God through the testimony of one man.

Through one man’s stand for truth.

It is an inspirational story of how standing up for what you believe can really make a difference. I love this picture by Arnold Friberg of the aging Abinidi standing his ground. I love the frightened guards. They, who are clothed with armor and weapons, cower in the presence of an older man. A prophet of God.


queenbee4 said...

I love reading about these great men who had such faith and courage. They really put things into perspective, don't they?

nikkicrumpet said...

When my son was on his mission this story even held greater meaning. We still wonder together about whether any of the people he taught later on accepted the gospel...and how that might effect their lives and their families lives. The trickle down effect is an interesting thing to ponder. Even though you may never know...even simple things you do and say can effect someones lives. That story is a beautiful example. God bless all our wonderful missionaries. They ROCK!

The Burners said...

Hi - I cant remember how I found your blog..probably random clicking. But I do have to comment, that part of the Book of Mormon (Abinidi and his diguise) makes me laugh too. I remember reading it on my mission and laughing so hard my eyes watered. I was easily amused :) I'm so glad you value the fun treasures in the Book of Mormon too! :)