Sunday, February 1, 2009

Medieval Castles in Suburbia

Every sixth grade student at my children's school gets to make an accurate medieval castle. It has to be just like the ones we would find in Robin Hood. Historically accurate.

Of course with it being due on Monday, we got to work Saturday afternoon. We had some "issues" earlier that left J unable to build the castle with his buddy.

That went over like a lead brick.

Let's just say, I wasn't the most popular mom in the world. But we got to work. Nine hours later, just before the Sabbath, this is what J came up with. Amazing if you ask me. It was actually a fun part of my day to create this with him... even if I am not as much fun as his friend.

This castle is complete with rocky ledges, murder holes, moat, barbican, even a stable... J was very creative in how he wanted to build the castle.

He made sure everything was in the right spot, the right size and then labeled everything for the teacher. He was SO PROUD. He kept asking when I would blog about his castle.

So here it is... with the creative addition of a fictional dragon flying over the castle.
Notice the catapult in the "outer bailey" -- J loaded it with a rock and aimed it at the dragon.

Here is my VERY proud and VERY tired 6th grader. He had no trouble falling asleep tonight. Wish him luck on a good grade!


S'mee said...

Huzzah Lord J! Thou hast done well indeed! Methinks thou shalt fare well with thy instructor. Damsels need not tremble if thou art near, thy aim true and thy might worthy of much acclaim. Foes, be they dragons or scoundrels, flee from thy presence! Repeated Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!

queenbee4 said...

wow! This is great! I'm not nearly as clever as S'mee... but I think it looks great! Especially for the amount of time that you put into it... Hope you get a great grade! said...

I always loved doing stuff like this for school. He did awesome! You may not be as fun as his friend right now but he will remember it more because you did it with him and he will be so grateful it was you and not his friend he got to make the castle with.
It is truly waaaaay cool.

heather said...

That is an amazing castle! One of the best I've seen!! (Did I mention I taught sixth grade for a couple years and have seen QUITE A NUMBER of those castles??)

blogismycopilot said...

that is an outstanding Castle! excellent job mother and son.

Andrea said...

That looks great! Good luck on the grade!

Kristina P. said...

I thought I would pop over and say hello from Blog is My Copilot.

Please don't feel bad you don't know who I am. Really, the whole world doesn't actually know me.

Cute blog!

Seriously... said...

I love that you have 4 boys and a little girl at the end. That's what i'm hoping for if I can convince my husband to give it one more shot :) (expecting my 4th boy in april....)

Anyway....thanks for the comment, i'm excited to check out your blog and see how you survive 4 boys!

CaJoh said...

Stopping over from Blog is my Co-Pilot. How ambitious is that. I actually had a bunch of Medieval lead figures that a friend asked me to paint for him. I wanted to have some sort of a castle for display, but wound up just making a simple plaster wall. Hope he gets an A.