Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Heart Attack! (The good kind)

We live in a great neighborhood where the children feel welcome at any of the neighbors homes. It isn’t unusual for me to walk outside and find a neighbor child or two in my yard or on my porch swing – without MY children.

So last night I was making dinner. All the kids were either at lessons or friends houses so it was pretty quiet. I began to hear giggling and talking. I was trying to figure out which child was home early with a friend -- or 7. The noise didn’t go away. In fact it began to sound a little like a party. And girls.

I decided I would step outside and crash the party. Give the kiddos a hard time. But when I opened the door I heard things like, “Oh crap, you were too loud” and “Hurry up” and “What do we do now?”

It was then I noticed the big van my friend drives. She is Achievement Day leader. Suddenly, I realized I had crashed a surprise. There were probably 20 different Achievement Day girls sticking little handmade hearts into our yard.

I quickly muttered something about not seeing anything and slinked back inside. (Then spied on the girls from a window while they finished their job.) And, even though they knew I had caught them, they still sent a very stealthy runner to ring the door bell and run. I laughed as I heard, “Hurry go, go” “Run faster!” Maybe, just maybe, they had believed me when I said I hadn’t seen them.

Turns out the heart attack was for my sweet hubby as a “thank you” for being in the bishopric. It came with adorable love notes and a thank you note. I don’t know what was better, listening to the giggles while the girls did their deed or seeing the smile on my husband’s face… I really think his heart just melted.

It was a fun day for our family.


S'mee said...

Ah,this is awesome!

Jillene said... sweet!!

Rhonda said...

Been "perusing" your blog and so love it! This post made me smile as well as your "What I've Learned.." I too have five kids...only we had four daughters and then a son. Once he was born, game over! LOL

Anyway...thanks for sharing your fun and upbeat blog with so many of us.

♫ Spasm ♫ said...

very cute! I love that

Natalie said...

The girls had such a good time heart attacking the Bishopric. What a great surprise!

Bee and Rose said...

I love this idea! Maybe we'll do this on my husband's heart bypass anniversary to show our gratitude that he survived! Love it!

Tink said...

That is so neat! What a fun and fabulous idea! What a neat feeling it must have been to have such great youth heart attack yoU!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

How sweet was that? It's awesome!

Erin said...

I know of one girl that was SO happy to do something to make someone happy!! Glad you liked it!