Friday, February 27, 2009

85 and Climbing!

I am not naive to the Arizona heat... I am a native. I knew it was coming. But here, at the end of February, I am not quite ready to blast my A/C all day.

It is time to clean out the pool, dump in the chlorine, and hope the water temperature is swimmable. Last year, we got in at a brisk 65 degrees.

Even with the refuge of cool water, I don't feel ready for another blazing desert summer. It might be worth it if pounds would fall as easily as the droplets of perspiration. But they don’t. They just stay on, reminding you how hot it is with an extra few dozen pounds.

I am not ready to have to ice the car seat before I put B in it. I am not ready for my eyes to burn and my skin to cook when I get in the car. I am not ready for it to be so hot that the kids can't go outside without getting heat exhaustion, red cheeks and dehydration. I am not ready to get a sun burn while driving or burning my feet on the driveway when I take out the trash. I am not ready for the stinky, “baked-in-the-Arizona-sun” smell that EVERYONE gets after spending 3.2 seconds outside. It can’t be avoided. And I am not ready for our pool to turn into a big bathtub by August - making it an unpleasant swim. I am not ready to watch the heat rise off the pavement.

And MOSQUITOES!!!! UGGGH! We are a West Nile Breeding Playground over here. My poor kids look like they have the chicken pox every fall when they go back to school. OOOOHHHH those INFERNAL MOSQUITOES!

To be fair, we have a little spell every year when we bundle up in our windbreakers and pretend it’s cold enough to drink hot chocolate. There are also a couple weeks on either end of the excruciatingly hot summer that we are comfortable leaving our doors open during the day. But overall, it is downright hot. And in the last days of February, we have squirmed under the 85 degree sun.

So, for those of you who enjoy the cooler weather, dip your feet in the snow for me. For those of you who understand this Arizona sun, stock up on the sun screen and put away the crayons. I am afraid we are in for another hot one.


Beth said...

I hear your pain...we have the total opposite today...we got oh...6 inches of snow in about 4 hours... I will dip my toes in the snow if you dip yours for me in the pool! Take Care and stay cool!

Erin said...

I have to say I LOVE all those heat related scenarios you so expertly described! LOVE them.

Lisa said...



Becky said...

I won't lie, I'm a little jealous. I could use some warmth about now. But I don't know if I want the kind of heat you just described...

Here's hoping it stays cool a little while longer.

DEB LOWE said...

Yes, The heat is almost here and I too dread the HOT weather in AZ. Keep those car seats cool, drink lots of water, mist those precious little bodies, don't forget sunscreen or they scream. Use a Car Seat Cooler Pad BabybeeCool is a great one.

Boy Mom said...

I wondered what the heck you were putting the blankies away for.

Sorry it'll be another month or so before I'm sorry for you.

queenbee4 said...

I feel your pain. I'm sorry- just stay inside and watch movies all summer. That way you'll have no need for sunscreen and you'll never be hot.