Saturday, January 24, 2009


I recently had reason to call Shutterfly to rectify a mistaken charge. I received the standard recorded greeting...

"Thank you for calling Shutterfly customer service..."

Then like many other businesses, I was given different options to press...

"Press 1 for order status"

"Press 2 for questions about an order you have received"

And on it went, with me half listening, until option 6.

"Press 6 to have a pirate read these options."

WHAT???!!! Did I hear that right?

I did what any normal human being would have done, I pressed 6.

And guess what? I got to hear a pirate read the options in pirate language.

It was the most off the wall, unexpected thing I had heard and I was laughing out loud when the Customer Service Rep got on the phone...

I mean, pirates don't have anything to do with Shutterfly... And who even came up with that idea?

So, KUDOS to Shutterfly for making me laugh and catching me off guard!

By the way, if you want to listen, here's the number... its a hoot! 1-888-225-7159


That Girl in Brazil said...

Pure awesomeness. I hope the person who came up with that got a raise.

S'mee said...

For real? That is AWESOME! said...

That is soo AWESOME!