Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Sang for Queen Latifa

OK… Maybe I didn’t REALLY sing for Queen Latifah but I could have…

So I had this crazy dream. You know, one of those ones that feels so real that you have to double check with someone else to make sure it was just a dream.

I went to a charity event of some sort. All the most famous Who’s Who was there. Including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston (they were still together, of course) There was even a random couple in our ward, not even someone I associate with regularly.

Queen Latifah, herself, was there. But she was being a bully, beating up everyone in the room. So when I walked in, everyone was cowering in their seats.

Well, Queen Latifah began fisting me, and after a few hits, I decided to sing to her heart. Help her discover her goodness. And so, with the voice of an angel, I lifted my voice in song. (Now that should have been my first clue that it was a dream because in real life my voice only qualifies for the shower)

I remember thinking how great the acoustics were in that room. I wish I could remember the words, because in my dream, they all rhymed. And they must have been good because soon, the Queen was singing along with me.

People were touched to tears. Queen Latifah embraced in a new friendship and our guests started leaving. But, on the way out, each one started handing me large bills – like 50’s and 100’s. For the charity, of course.

One gentleman was even kind enough to give me a 2 million dollar check.

That must have been some singing.

And for a brief moment, when I woke up, I savored my 15 minutes of fame.

Then reality hit me in the face in the form of a two year old foot so I got up and made breakfast.



queenbee4 said...

I never get 2 million doallr checks in my dreams.... I'm glad you were able to show Latifah some UNITY

heather said...

THAT was quite a dream!

I've never had dreams with celebs in them. Well, Rory Gilmore and I were BFFs in one dream I had. Maybe two. Does that count as a celebrity dream?

I've also been among Harry Potters little circle and have battled Voldormort. That might count too?

S'mee said...

Oh my heck, this is the kind of dreams I have! AWESOME!

Becky said...

Well, I'm jealous! Last night I had a dream in which my daughter got kidnapped. Yours sounds better...

threehappyhansens@yahoo.com said...

Sweet dream!!! Go Kathy, Go Kathy, Go Kathy! WOO WOO

Tink said...

What an incredible, vivacious dream! I don't know if I've ever dreamt of celebrities, but this dream sure sounded fun!

Anonymous said...

you must come over tonight and dream with me, we'd have a total concert LOL

love it!

CJ, the Purple Diva said...

OH my word! This was AWESOME! I loved it!