Sunday, January 18, 2009

Following Counsel

Our stake president has asked us to do a seemingly simple task.

It has been the goal of our stake for the last year or so.

We are to live our lives in ways that the Lord can use us as an instrument in His hands. Based from a talk given by Henry B Eyring, we have been given 4 tasks.

Plead, Read, Act and Record

Let the first thing you do when you wake be to pray, pleading with Heavenly Father to know the most important thing to do for that day.

Then, before you read anything else (even blogs) read your scriptures.

Act upon any impressions you feel throughout the day… helping a neighbor, taking care of personal items, calling a friend… whatever it is, act on it.

Finally, at the end of the day, record in your journal how you saw the Hand of the Lord manifested in your life that day.

Sounds simple.

I have no doubt that this direction is inspired and I will be blessed by following it. But I am having such a hard time getting it all done. I seem to be able to do SOME of the things, most of the time, but getting all four done has really been tough for me.

Specifically, recording.

You would think that someone who is never at a loss of things to say would do better at this. But I struggle. But I always want to say it just right, not like a travel log. And sometimes, quite frankly, I have a hard time seeing His Hand.

Is that awful to admit? I know He lives, I know He guides all things. I don’t doubt He is constantly watching over us. So why am I so stubborn that I can’t always see it? Why do I let the world get in the way of seeing His tender touch?

That to me is the greatest gift ever, when you notice His hand.

So, I am going to keep trying.

Everyday, I hope to do better than the one before. Everyday, I hope to see the Hand of the Lord more and more evident in my life.

I have a firm testimony that our leaders have been called of God. That by following them, we can find the happiness our Heavenly Father intends for us.

My goal? Plead, Read, Act and Record!


Becky said...

Beautiful post!

I understand exactly what you mean about it being hard to see His Hand in things. Life just gets busy sometimes, and I forget.

Good luck with this wonderful goal.

queenbee4 said...

the key here is that you are trying. If we were all perfect.... well you know the rest. it's so stange because really the Gospel is SOOO simple. But implementing it in this world is not- at least most of the time for me. maybe I'm a heathen.

I appreciate this post. It has made me think... said...

Good post. I need to do that as well. You are better than you think you are though, just so you know.

That Girl in Brazil said...

What an inspired stake president.

I also struggle with "returning and reporting" through recording. Yet every time I do I come back a better person - and I always find reason to go back and read it again. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

wonderful post!

a very long time ago, I started something in our family, right before family prayer, we say what we are grateful for. Last Jan, our RS gave out gratitude journals and on the heels of Elder Eyrings talk, we began recording our gratitudes each night. We hit about 3-4 nights a week. The journal is on the foot of my bed (where we have our family prayer) so I will remember, LOL