Thursday, January 8, 2009

At least we aren't taking the Station Wagon

"6 AM. We are going to leave at 6 AM."

Those were famous last words by my parents when we were getting ready to leave on a family vacation. Usually, what ended up happening was we wouldn’t leave for hours AFTER the planned time. And I don’t just mean 8 or 9. I am talking about Noon or even later.

On one exceptionally scattered vacation, we didn’t leave until a 1 ½ days after the planned time. YIKES.

Getting out the door wasn’t just a matter of packing; it involved cleaning every nook and cranny in the house. I don’t know about you, but there are some crannies, like the ones in our bathroom, that I never want to see again.

My mother would inspect and re-inspect the house until she felt it passed the “leaving-on-vacation-test”. Once it passed, we were on our way.

Our trips included our youthful legs sticking to the tan vinyl seats in our station wagon, which was complete with side wood paneling. I would poke my brother in the back of the neck until he whined. My sister would copy everything I did. Usually my brothers feet ended up on my legs somehow and I found ways of annoying my sister until she cried.

Eventually, I would settle down with my Barbie dolls and a roll of toilet paper in the makeshift bed my mom made in the back for me. I would spend hours creating a masterful wardrobe for my dolls from Charmin Ultra Soft. My mom would even by the pink rolls sometimes for the trips so my dolls were all the rage in the season’s most happening colors.

Now that I think of it, why did my parents like to travel so much? Our vacations usually start close to the time we plan, my house is never spotless and the whole time is spent trying to keep the kids from beating each other up.

But we do it. We make memories and it usually turns out great.

This week, we are preparing for a different kind of trip. Just me and the Hubby.

We celebrated our 15th Anniversary 10 days ago. In honor of that mile marker, we are taking off without the kids to Hawaii.

So as I reminisce about our many vacations, I look forward to a new adventure. And, with a little anxiety, plan to leave my babies (who really aren’t babies anymore) with Papa and Grammy.

Our first scheduled event on our itinerary? A couple’s seaside massage! Look out Oahu – here we come!

What are your best vacation memories?


CJ, the Purple Diva said...

OH my word what a memory! I cannot imagine! We had to clean too before we left, so we were late leaving too...but not days late!
Happy Belated Anniversary and have a wonderful time in Hawaii! Stick your feet in the water for me! :-)

Brooke said...

I always clean before we go, too. Probably not quite that good, though. Happy anniversary! I am very jealous about Hawaii. I have wanted to go back for years! (I went 12 years ago). Enjoy your massage, too!

heather said...

Oh I am so envious!! Have a good time!! :)

Melissa said...

What fun childhood memories!
Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope you have a fun time with your hubby in Hawaii!

Natalie said...

Hawaii is my favorite vacation spot ever. Your kids will be just fine and you will have a great time! Congratulations on 15 years!

S'mee said...

eeeeee! So excited for you! Make sure to take in North Shore and there's a great place for the best cheeseburger in Kailua...Teddy's -amazingly yummy with onion rings and a malt. Anywho, have a great time!

Tink said...

That's sooo awesome! Congrats to your 15th wedding anniversary. We always celebrate close to home because of limited finances, but I'm always thrilled for those who find a way to escape to an exotic place! Have fun!

Our Crazy Family said...

Hope you have SO much fun in Hawaii--I loved it! And your kids will be fine--they are always better for Grandma than for you!

queenbee4 said...

oooh nothing quite like sticking to vinyl... I have to clean before we leave, but I'm not super freaky about it. Have so much fun in Hawaii!

Brittney said...

Congratulations! We are leaving our kids next weekend for one night. Woohoo!