Friday, December 5, 2008


Let me start by telling you that my children have been blessed to have some wonderful teachers. Teachers who make a difference in their life. Teachers who love them and treat them with respect. We have had some that we don't want to have again, but for the most part, my children have been very blessed.

That being said. Today my son was humiliated in front of his peers by someone who is supposed to protect and teach today's youth. Another teacher, not his own, sent J to the principal for LOANING A DOLLAR to another boy.

J is the ideal child at school. Maybe he doesn't always do his homework, but he is always respectful, kind and helpful. Teachers love him, ask for him in their class. J is also very sensitive. And I hope that never changes. His heart is tender. So being in trouble at school would be heartbreaking.

So the story goes that J and a friend were walking back to class. The friend needed a dollar for something. J said, "Here, I have a dollar" and gave it to the boy. This "teacher" proceeded to yell at J and the boy. When J said it was his money and he was just loaning it to the boy, she told him she didn't believe him. She told J if he didn't start telling the truth, he would have to be sent to a charter school (one for troubled kids) because he couldn't follow rules. She yelled at him in front of other students.

She took the two boys to the principles office and insisted I be called. THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE!!! She was worried about him loaning $1 during this struggling economy! Is she serious???? I told the secretary the same exact thing J had just said. It was his money. He earned it. He could loan it to whoever he wanted to. J was SO upset. I went down to the school to bring him home.

It was all I could do to not march into this woman's classroom. I had to only leave a message. I told her she was not to speak to ANY of my children EVER again. I have an appointment to speak with the principle on Monday.

I mean. Really. Are you serious??? Since when is being generous a crime? What in the world gives this woman the right to humiliate my child? Even if he was doing something horrible, she is an adult and should act like one.

Oh -- she messed with the wrong mama!!!

Incidentally, this is the same "teacher" that humiliated my neighbor's son on more than one occasion. More specifically, she tried to limit his free speech. She has a reputation of humiliating kids.

*** UPDATE***
I went to pick up T from school when it let out and guess who I saw escorting my 6 year old to the office with her arm around him???? YUP. THE teacher.

So, I did what any good mom would do. I created a scene. Not purposefully of course. I mean really, is it my fault my anger turns to tears during confrontations. The principal arrived just as my voice was escalating. We moved our discussion to the office.

The teacher denied saying or doing any of the things J said. Principal took notes. And in the end, I am not sure that any good was done. Still, I can not let this woman think I am going to stand by and let her treat my kids like that.

10 comments: said...

I can't even tell you how this makes my blood boil. I think there are definitely some underlying issues there. I mean who in their right mind punishes a child for being generous. I just don't get it. What a bitter unhappy woman! Oh I'm so mad!

Heatherly said...

EWA! Boo to her! Show her who is boss! Hope your J is okay!

Erin said...

Ugh! That is SO frustrating. My son is such a tenderheart, and I can only imagine if that would have happened to him. I'm so sorry!

Sharla said...

This is utterly insane! J is such a nice boy, and if anyone doesn't trust him, they don't know him. How dare this teacher interfere where she doesn't belong! I hope the principal is smart enough to see the insanity of this and DO something about it! BTW, would you mind e-mailing me the teacher's name so I make sure my child NEVER gets this teacher???

Our Crazy Family said...

We had a run in with this same teacher last week--she took Erin's ipod from her AFTER school when she was almost to the crosswalk on her way HOME and told her she was confiscating it. Then the office staff gave me a hard time when I went in and tried to get it back because we were going out of town. Do you think maybe we are on this teacher's LIST or something because of the previous incident??? I think she's lost her mind...time to retire.

ERIN said...

she is so stinkin annoying i hate her or strongly dislike her, there is this joke going around and it is Mrs. B is living up to her name mrs. B get it

Erin Allen

Erin said...

WOW!!! Scary stuff! I do not handle this sort of thing well and would be yelling/crying as well. Jesse on the other hand is a master at these situations...maybe Tim can help you out Monday! Yikes!

That Girl in Brazil said...

Oh my (*&@$(*@&$ ... I'm just @$&@(*@(%^@%(

Oh, and *(&@$*&@($&@($&@$(&!!!!!!

That's all I have to say about that.

Fawn said...

Oh I don't know why she is still a teacher. She seriously plays innocent whenever she gets confronted by the principal. AGGGHHH!!! I am sorry that your kiddos have been affected by her now. I would love to give her a piece of my mind!! Good luck with this my friend!

Our Crazy Family said...

Okay--sorry for Erin's comment--we have had a talk about that! Can you tell how strongly she dislikes her? Emie had her for a teacher last year--so I had to pull some strings so Erin didn't get stuck with her--I'm glad J didn't get stuck with her either--imagine having to deal with her every day!!! UUGH!