Friday, November 28, 2008

Who needs a dog?

Because people don’t really believe this kind of stuff happens in my life, I have to post it…

I had just gotten home from running errands, the family doing their own thing at home. T and B playing outside in the cool fall weather. I love when I walk in the door, B gets so excited to see me!

“MOMMEEEEEE!” she screams with 2 year old energy. Then showing me her stick, “ Look, I have a magic wand.” She rattles off, in Toddler Jibberish, a few things that I could only assumed had to do with her “magic wand”.

And then. With clarity beyond her years, she announces “T went poopy in the rocks!” She was so impressed and happy by his act, but T was denying any knowledge of what she was talking about. It wasn’t until I asked B to show me where, that T started apologizing and explaining he just couldn’t make it to the toilet – but don’t worry, he washed his hands. Sure enough, hand in hand with B, she led me to the offending spot. And boy! Did he EVER!

Funny, it looked as though it had been smashed.

By fingers.

It was then I noticed B’s hands. Covered. Dried. Smelly.

Forcing myself not to gag – we got cleaned up while T took care of his “deed.”



Erin said...

Ahhh, kids. I make mine wash theirs 20 times a day, because I never know where their hands have been!

That Girl in Brazil said...

My son once painted his walls and crib Polluck-style using the contents of his diaper.

Good times!

heather said...

oh gross. the things they do! those stickers that say you can't scare me -'m a mom -just summarize it all so well, don't they??

p.s. I heart your blog. blogs. :) said...

EWWWWWW....Poop is gross even if it is your own kids.

Fawn said...

Ok, I'm sorry, but that just made me alugh and laugh, and I had to read it to Devon. Thanks for the laugh even though it was no fun for you. I am glad you posted it though!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have a blog to write these things on, it's the next best thing to writting a book. And you most definately would have the funniest "real mom" stories, the books would fly off the shelves, but your children may never forgive you:) Soooo, knowing your children as I do, I was prepared last week when I had T over to DH was home and I ran C over to piano. When I came home T had been pooring juice into glass cups on the kitchen floor and missed the cups, enough that there was a large puddle of juice on the floor. So, sweet boy, I adore him and sent he and my little ones outside to get their energy out. While cleaning up the juice my P comes inside from the backyard shouting angrily, "Mom, the boys are painting the trampoline!" So, I go outside to find that all three were painting the entire outside rim of the trampoline with green glitter paint! They were so proud of themselves. T says, "There was a spider on the metal right here and but we killed it with the paint." And they realized that it would be really cool to paint all the metal on the trampoline to match! So, I get a big bowl of hot soapy water and some rags for all of us to clean the paint off and soon my J is done and goes inside. Well, he's young, and not much help anyway, so no problem. When I walk into the house I find that my J had then found a permanent marker somewhere and had drawn all over my new leather chair. I walked right into Clay's office where he was working, closed the door, sat down and as calmly as I could, I said, "I think I better stay in here"...DH says, "In the words of Bill Cosby, Which one should I kill?" It's wonderful to have a sis. in law to share these stories with:)

Anonymous said...

So, I said knowing your children as I do on my last post, It makes it sound like it would only happen if your T was there. I'm sorry...sooo not true...just a funny story with him included:)