Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking for Jacob Schwindt

Have you ever been so close to something that you can almost feel it, but yet it still remains out of reach?

Jacob Schwindt is my Great Great Grandfather on my mothers side. I have very little information on his family. I know he was born in Prussia, but am not certain as to the exact location. I have a birth date of Oct 18, 1818 but I am not certain that is accurate. Jacob was a shoemaker by trade and immigrated to Wisconsin with his young family in the 1850's. I have hit brick wall after brick wall. I need to find his exact birthplace so I can find his family.

So why am I posting this here? Because someone, sometime, is going to google Jacob Schwindt and, because there isn't much out there on this guy, be led to this blog. Then maybe clues can be pieced together and we can find this family together. Got to try everything right?

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Connie said...

You're following well in your mothers shoes with your love of family history :) Great idea :)