Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Do I dare?

OK -- With the Elections only a couple weeks away, I am really torn. Here is my run down of my opinion of the candidates.

You have Barak Hussain Obama II. Socialist, oops I mean Democrat. Looks like a nice enough guy. I could probably sit down at Famous Dave's with him and enjoy a plethora of fattening foods, slathered in sticky sauce, served on a garbage can lid. And it would be really cool to have a black president. This would be poetic justice for all the wrongs done to African Americans over the years. However, I SO don't agree with his politics. I see it as a "dumbed down" version of socialism. I don't like the Robinhood approach to taking care of the nation. I think there are better answers. I don't believe he really loves his country, I think he would approve partial term abortions and I believe he would sanction same sex marriage. I couldn't vote for him in good conscience. Now, I have many friends and loved ones who would, and that is fine. We each have to vote for who we feel is best. That brings me to the next option.

John Sidney McCain III. Republican. We all know, boy do we all know, he has served and sacrificed for his country. While that is admirable, rubbing it in our face all the time is getting old. I really liked him 8 years ago, but now he reminds me of the movie "Weekend at Bernie's". You know the one, where the dead guy is carted around, made to look alive. I mean, sometimes I wonder how much time this poor guy has left. He also looks a little grouchy. He might let me be his waitress at Ruth Cris' Stake House, but only if I promise not to talk to him or spill anything. I think he is more likely to oppose same sex marriage and partial term abortion, but I am not convinced that he wouldn't sway his vote under pressure. I am not convinced he is in charge of his own campaign and policies. I am so unimpressed with him.

So what do I do? With the electoral college being set up the way it is, presidents are not elected by a popular vote. McCain is leading in Arizona. If he wasn't, he REALLY wouldn't stand a chance against Obama. But, McCain's lead in Arizona and Utah is sufficient enough to assume he will get the vote from the electoral college. So, with that in mind.... would my vote for him or against him really count? I am also voting by mail and those are actually counted AFTER the results of the election are announced (most times). So seriously, would my vote really matter? I am considering writing in a more preferred candidate, one I can agree with. Do I dare? Maybe this guy?


Gusties said...

Thanks for sharing your political views. I have a couple of comments to make... not to try to sway you... just because.
1) Barrack Obama's socialist policies are termed "Robin Hood" type policies, but in reality are nothing like Robin Hood. Robin Hood did not steal from the "rich" and give to the "poor", he stole from the government, growing fat off the efforts of the poor, and returned the wealth to the people who rightfully earned it... Sounds a little more like a Repub. to me... ;)
2) John McCain is oooooooold, but have you seen his mother? My guess is he'll be reach 120 years old, no problem!!!

Tim Penrod said...

I think the biggest, long-lasting thing at stake with the new president is the potential appointment of up to 3 supreme court justices. They seem to last forever once appointed and may either help enforce or re-write the laws in the country (depending on their approach) for years to come. That may be a bigger issue than abortion, taxes, social security or any other issue in this election.

I think you should vote for whoever you think is the best person to lead the country, whether or not you think they will win, even if that person is a write-in.

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