Thursday, October 16, 2008

10 things that I have learned (or re-learned) today...

  • The Arizona desert isn’t really so bad. Of course, I am only saying this because we have finally dropped into the 70’s – barely. But with the kids able to play outdoors without getting heat exhaustion and me able to keep our doors open… it makes me remember that Arizona Fall is beautiful!
  • Ball point pen is not a good accent to a new couch.
  • FaceBook is a new kind of creative avoidance… So many things to do there and yet I get nothing done. It’s kind of like the “Wal-Mart Stupor” one drifts into.
  • When a child begs “please, please, please!!! Can I have a friend over?", it is more than likely his creative avoidance from homework.
  • My two year old thinks she is a mermaid. At least today.
  • Never believe a doctor when he says “this is no big deal.” More than likely, this doctor has never undergone the treatment he will be delivering to you, so he really doesn’t know if it will be a big deal or not.
  • Children can (and do) bounce off of big screen TV’s. No, I didn’t throw them… they did this on their own accord.
  • I really have some wonderful friends and family. I am blessed with a strong support system. This will definitely come in handy when I lose my mind.
  • My husband is REALLY cute!
  • In & Out Burger really can solve all problems. My only regret is that I didn’t discover this treat sooner. Why did I have to have my first burger during the time in life when it actually STAYS on my hips?


Our Crazy Family said...

Seriously, the In and Out Burger is AWESOME! Did you ever try it animal style? Or with extra pickles. You have to ask for it that way sometime! And isn't that shake to die for? I am salivating just thinking about it! (too bad I'm on a diet--maybe I'll have to cheat!) said...

Ahhhhh, Arizona fall. It's supposed to snow here tomorrow. :( I'm really not ready for it yet.
I loooove In-N-Out!