Friday, September 19, 2008

Just a little nibble...

If you were to total all the mosquitoes bites my family has between all of us, I am sure you would reach into the hundreds. I know I have at least a dozen -- as does B. J has at least triple that. His legs look like mini, hairy mine fields. All the family has been hit. But it isn't just us. This whole part of my city is INFESTED. We can't go outside without feeling like we are being the main course at this vermin's feast.
Thankfully, we received a lot of moisture this year. Being in a desert during a drought, there is no complaint from me in that regard. Still, mix 30% humidity, a little standing water and intense sun -- your going to breed a mosquito or two (hundred). I think I have supported Wal-mart just with the purchase of all our anti-itching cream and band-aids. I have learned if you use the Benadryl creme on a band-aid like Neosporin, it really helps reduce the inflammation. But, I haven't figured out how to convince a two year old she needs to keep the band-aids on.
A couple years ago we had mosquitoes SO bad. Maybe even worse than we do now. I decided to do something about it. A few neighbors and myself called and complained. After a myriad of phone calls and too much run around, I finally convinced the city to do something about it. So they tested -- set up one of those cool nets and everything. However, by the time they got around to it, it was near the end of mosquito season and our mosquito count didn't pack enough punch. In addition, they told us the empty field across the street belonged to the utility company, not the city or county, so they were not responsible for taking care of the flying menaces. Of course, the utility company had a different story.
So, here I sit. Scratching at these stupid bites while I try to type, thinking this must be one of those nuisances that came from Eve's little apple bite.


Heatherly said...

Kathy ~
I got hit 7 times! I feel your pain! Put a white plate with a little bit of water and dish soap on it. Somewhere by your door. My dad told me to do this and it has been working great. They just land on the plate and die or they lay their eggs there and they can't hatch. Win win for me. Good luck!

The Reese Family said...

Kathy! Hi! :) The playground at my sons school is always swarming with the pests! I keep a new fabric dryer sheet in his backpack and one in his pocket and I think he's only been bit maybe twice in the past 2 months! Hope this helps you guys out! :) ~Connie (Laurie's friend from 100 years ago in Mesa!) :)