Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I started on this 4 book series call "Faith of our Fathers" by N.C. Allen. It is an historical fiction based off of the Civil War. I love historical novels -- can't get enough of them. I found this one at Deseret Book and after the 2nd book in the series, found out they had stopped printing the hard bound version of these books. No problem, I would get the softcover. Except, that was all sold out. It would be 6-8 weeks minimum before they were reprinted. Well, time passed and no book. I had the 4th and last book in the series waiting patiently to be read. I scoured the Internet but to no avail. Finally, someone mentioned the Public Library. In this electronic age, I hadn't even thought of going "old school" to find this book. So, yesterday, before the weekly story time, I found this book waiting for me. I know the library is supposed to be quiet, but I briefly lost my senses as a"YES" escaped my mouth. Go Library!!!

Now, off I go to find out what happened to Luke, what started the Irish riots in New York and who was really responsible for the abolitionist's building being burned. Such a good book.

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threehappyhansens@yahoo.com said...

I have recently rediscovered the library for myself. After using it tons for Gracie, I finally realized "hey there are adult books there too"!
Yeah, Go library.
I may have to read that series.
Right now I'm looking to get started on the Twilight series, only I"m # 308 on the waiting list for the 1st book. I guess there are drawbacks too.