Friday, September 26, 2008

Choosing Life

I think it is peculiar how supporters of different opinions on abortion are labeled “pro-life” or “pro-choice.” It isn’t as though everyone who supports abortion is running around trying to extinguish every human heartbeat. And, it isn’t likely that you would find someone who disagrees with abortion that is against people making their own choices. I find the definitions of both rather odd. These are my opinions on the subject.

At the very moment of conception, life begins. I could go into a whole biological explanation for more detail, but aside from the fact that I didn’t listen very well in biology, it would also make this a very cumbersome post. Let’s just say the sperm and the egg have a party and start growing into human form. And, as many a mother knows, personality begins to develop. I am always amazed at little bits of personality I discover in my new born infant that were present during his or her time in the womb.

The whole idea of childbirth is quite miraculous. The whole concept of it… I mean how do you organize matter so the fingernails grow in proportion to the fingers? How do you enable the body to grow with its protective skin exactly? I think if it were left up to me, something would be flopping out somewhere. It is just simply a Divine Miracle. This miracle is the very essence of life. It is beautiful and amazing. Then to top it off, you get to hold this adorable little creature with large eyes and even larger lungs. Everything seems to draw you to that being. The sweet little baby’s breath of a newborn. The warm, sleepy smell when your infant wakes up. The begging cries of hunger and gulping sounds of relief. Baby’s first smile, giggle or word. This exquisite development of life does not start my mere accident. Nor, does it start at birth. It starts, in spirit, before we ever arrive here on earth and begins in physical form the moment of conception. It is perfect. It is divine.

Abortion, in whatever phase of pregnancy, smothers the life. Turns it off. I can’t think of anything more heartbreaking than thinking of the sweet personalities of little babies being snuffed out.

Some will argue that the woman has the right to choose. She should be able to choose whether or not to have the baby. To those people I say, you are exactly right. The woman should choose. And then she should take precautions to make that choice happen. If she doesn’t want a baby, she can avoid “certain actions.” (I hear abstinence is a great form of birth control) But if, for some reason, she goofed or the method of birth control failed, then her choice should be that of CHOOSING to have the baby.

Let me break away here for a moment and say this. There are some heartbreaking circumstances that may require abortions. Rape, incest, or a life threatening condition of the mother. To those I would say, your decision is a painful one. One that I would not want to face. To those people, your decision is between you and God. I for one do not hold any judgment for someone in said position. My issue is taken with those who have abortions for reasons of convenience.

I have known only a few people in my life who have adopted or been adopted. So I will not pretend that my knowledge in the matter is sufficient. All I can speak of is what I have seen. I have seen prayers answered, lives changed, hearts healed and sheer joy. Complete joy. Of all of these, what touches me the most, is the mother that gives her baby up for adoption.

I think of the young mother who CHOOSES to bare the baby. She is barely a teenager and yet she is being thrust into the very thralls of womanhood. I think of her selflessness as she lovingly delivers her baby for another couple. I imagine her tender tears freely falling as she signs her parental rights over to another. I wonder how she must want to hold the baby forever but knows its home is somewhere else. This is the kind of hero I honor. Convenience could reign; she could have terminated the pregnancy. But her CHOICE was to give life.

The right answers are often not the easy answers. Sometimes something that is right doesn’t make sense or is difficult beyond all reason. It is true courage that fights through these situations.

Each person is entitled to his or her opinion, and this is mine. I am pro-choice for choosing life. I am against choosing death. I feel that once a nation condones the killing of little babies, we are not better than King Herod himself.

I think that the matter of choice has to come into play long before an embryo takes hold. The choice should be one of life.

So yes, I am Pro-Choice – Choosing Life.

***Cherie Call sings a beautiful song about adoption… it is what started the wheels of my brain tonight. Delivery***


Sharla said...

Amen to that Kathy! I am certainly grateful for those mothers who made the painful decision to give their baby up for adoption rather than give up and have an abortion. My mother was adopted, and so is one of my sisters. If it weren't for this selfless act on the birth mother's part, I would not have the family, or be in the family I have today.

I also know someone very close to me that gave her baby up for adoption when she was a teenager. It was to this day one of the most painstaking decisions I've ever witnessed. But she loved that baby enough to give him a chance. He is now grown up and my good friend has contact with her "son". And he is so grateful to her for the life she has given him. said...

The women that choose to give up their babies for adoption are honorable for accepting the consequences that come with choices.
So much in society those consequences are trying to be erased. There will always be consequences and it is a brave and honorable person that can accept them.