Friday, August 22, 2008

Making History

Most of us had a turn watching the Summer Olympics. As I look at my exercise equipment, eating a carton of Ben and Jerry's, I am really inspired to get up and be healthy. Next time I drive my air conditioned car to the corner grocery store, maybe I will actually choose a parking spot away from the door so I can get my exercise.

All in all, these athletes have shown the world a thing or two. They have made their place in history. As proof, I give you the following images. These are moments I will never forget -- even if I wanted to.

Ouch!!! I can't even imagine this position!!!

I will never complain about a bad hair day again. It could be worse. I could be immortalized like this...

Melissa Wu is actually a very cute girl... again, frozen in time? Like this?

No! I don't want to see how hairy your armpits are or how ugly you can make your face!

This just isn't right!

Ummmm, Yeah. No comment.

Even the little green men came out to cheer! Go Leprechauns!

And, last but not least....

Our Commander in Chief!

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