Saturday, August 2, 2008


One word. One syllable. It is a word in which children all over the world have learned and use frequently. It is a word that can evoke a wide array of feelings, from compassion to frustration. It is this word, I explore today.

Why? This age old question has so many answers, but I only list the ones I don’t seem to have the answers to.

Why is it that as soon as you close the door to the bathroom there is a chorus of "mom", fingers sliding under the door and telephones ringing?

Why is it that every time you decide to wake up early for quiet time, your children also begin to wake-up earlier and earlier, making your quiet time, a fleeting thought?

Why, when a mother sits down to eat, her newborn baby will suddenly need to be held?

Why can children spend a concentrated effort on making a ball land in a basket, but can’t seem get the household garbage all the way into the trash barrel.

Why do boys have perfect aim when shooting a water gun but can’t seem to aim at all when they use the bathroom? (have you ever cleaned behind and under a toilet used by 4 boys –eww)

Why is mom the only one who knows how to find a lost shoe?

Why do children suddenly have urgent issues when mom gets on the phone?

Why is new carpet and furniture the only thing that attracts sticky, yucky and grimy things?

Why do children mimic their parents? Don’t they know it is painful to watch, sometimes?

Why are children so emotionally honest?

Why is it that a child who is sick and distraught is comforted only in the arms of its mother?

Why does a mother’s kiss make the “owie” go away?

Why is it that when you look at your sleeping child, you forget all their misdoings and think only to when they were small enough to hold in your hands?

Why would Heavenly Father trust me with such sweet spirits? (but I am so glad he did)

2 comments: said...

Awww, I love it! It's all so true!

Tim Penrod said...

You are a great poet! Don't you know it!