Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 7, All Things Bright and Beautiful

We had rested overnight in a beautiful RV Park called Mounthhaven RV Park. Its website is . The whole park is heavily wooded. It is as if nature just carved a little spot for man to come enjoy. The staff helped us back in between two fantastic trees that must have been over a century old. For those who don’t want to RV, there are cute cabins also available. I would recommend this place highly for someone going to visit Mount Rainier.

We awoke this morning to 5 baby deer feeding. Evidently, these deer come every morning to have a snack right there in camp. The camp host put out some seeds for them and even fed them from his hand. They came so close to us. In fact, there was a few moments where I thought J might be kicked by one of them while all five frolicked right around him. He was in heaven, and also a little scared. But he loved watching the dear. It was so amazing.

We spent the day driving through Oregon. I have come to the conclusion that this is really the most beautiful state EVER! I don’t ever want to leave. We drove by the Portland Temple. Hubby and I had a wonderful idea of walking around the temple with the kids and letting them experience the spirit of peace that is there. However, about the time we pulled up to the grounds we had about three kids screaming as a result of hitting, spitting or kicking… B was saying, “oh no, Renran (T) sad?” I have tried to block out those long moments of chaos, but I do remember that DH and I decided we should keep this spirit of contention contained. Eventually we got everyone calmed down and we began our journey to Tillamook, Oregon.

Let’s just say that once we got here, we decided to alter our trip. Not only was the drive over here amazing, once we arrived there were so many things we wanted to do, we figured we would have to amend the plans. Our first stop was the famous Tillamook Cheese Factory ( This was a great place to take the family. Food and ice cream was very inexpensive but ever so tasty! The kids could watch cheese being made and have free samples. And of course there were a hundred ways to spend your money at the cute gift shop. Somehow, in a “country themed” gift shop, S managed to find yet another penguin to add to his collection. J got a very powerful sling-shot (oh my) and R and T added to their “animal collection” They have created some sort of game where they collect all their stuffed animals, imaginary beasts and miniature creatures and “verse” each other with them. I don’t know exactly what they are doing, except when they do it, they can entertain themselves for hours.

We have settled in for the night at an RV park between Tillamook and Bay City. We will stay here through the 4th, and then hurry home – somehow in time for Sunday (we hope). The RV park we are at is nice. Staff is friendly and the park is clean and quiet. Their website is

hope this link works... Today reminded me of the primary song, All Things Bright and Beautiful.

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